NBC Interview: Future of Social Business (Video)

What’s the future of social business? I gave my industry forecast based upon upcoming research data, on the Silicon Valley show on NBC called Press:Here. Listen in to hear our discussion with Sarah Lacy (who has a new book about entrepreneurs) from Techcrunch, Richard Waters from Financial Times, and host Scott McGrew.

Topics we Cover:

  • Investor funding vs Enterprise spending –why is there a disconnect?
  • How much brands should spend, or should spending stay small?
  • What’s the top spend in corporations in social business?
  • What are the roles in corporations who run the social programs? (community managers and corporate social strategist)
  • How companies should measure (It’s not just engagement data)
  • Why I think Industry Analyst is a limiting term.

Find more of the Forecast data for 2011 I released on stage at the LeWeb keynote. More forecast data based on spending by social business maturity tomorrow, stay tuned.

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  • Great interview Jeremiah. Client’s pose very similar questions to me regularly so it’s helpful to see your responses.

    I particularly enjoyed your response to the question posed about whether enterprises should hire interns to run the show -> “That’s very very dangerous” with a very serious look on your face!

  • Heh, thanks Abbas, it is dangerous –but not because their young, but it’s important that we treat our customer relationships at the appropriate level.

  • Heh, thanks Abbas, it is dangerous –but not because their young, but it’s important that we treat our customer relationships at the appropriate level.

  • “The best marketing you can get on Facebook and Twitter is the kind you don’t pay for” – that’s precisely the point. It’s more about strategy rather than budget when it comes to social media.

  • Nice interview Jeremiah. Interesting point about how little corporations spend on social media as a pc of total spend. Most of the focus in the media is on ad spending, and that’s been a mixed bag as you point out. But there’s also all of the “soft dollar” spending. Much of new spending when I was managing new SoMe related programs at HP last year was in areas like hiring contractors to do SoMe research and analytics, and SEO: retraining editors, blogger training, and and so forth (ah, and hiring SoMe consultants). I’m wondering how much of the total SoMe expense is coming in under the radar screen?

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  • Absolutely! You can’t put inexperienced interns on the front lines.

    On a side note, I have been reading your older posts and noticed that you wanted to visit Dubai! I’m actually based in Dubai! Did you end up visiting? If not, let’s make it happen!

  • Michael Boeren

    Interesting discussion on a wide array of topics in social media world

  • Great interview…but I agree, you are an analyst! 😉

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