Audio: Overview of Social Networks, Facebook (7:45)

Jason Lopez, former colleague/friend/journalist from PodTech’s newsroom interviews me on the phenomenon we know as Facebook, I also discuss how the web will be distributed, move offsite, and ‘fly’ around the web. I hope you find this insightful.

If you need other information see my tags on Facebook Strategy, or for a broader view, see social networks. If you’re seeking a weekly digest of this space, I go to great lengths to watch this space, and publish a weekly digest of the social networking space.

On a related note, I’ve made some predictions on the crowded white label social network space (over 60 vendors) I’ve made some predictions to CIO magazine, White-Label Social Networking Set for Shake-Up? Yup, a shakeout will happen.

  • I assume the “former” only qualifies colleague, and not friend and journalist ;-}

  • That’s right Steve, once a friend always a friend


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  • Hi J:

    I am doing research on ‘Facebook in the Enterprise’. I have seen a lot of experiments out there (from Serena to WorkLight) and I have the basic picture.

    What I am missing is the ‘Widget’ piece; Do you have any examples of the ‘Facebook Apps’ that are facilitating social networking in the business (..and beyond, of course). For example, an Facebook application that shows where people are (in-out office, meeting with people in their network, on the road…).

    The ‘Out of the box’ Facebook app does not do much for the requirements of the (internal business.. Even the Groups/Nets are pretty simplistic. The ‘Apps’ are where this is really going to happen..

    Interested in your thoughts. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks – MikeB

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