10 Questions Analyst Relations Have About Social Media

Yesterday, I spoke to a room full of Analyst Relations (AR) and Public Relations (PR) professionals at a large tech vendor. I was asked to lead a discussion about the impacts of social media to their daily life. I’ve been hearing about these questions from AR folks themselves, as well as from Forrester’s AR services team, and analysts such as Ray Wang . Hopefully, this will kick off a discussion and we can collaboratively share and learn. 10 Questions Analyst Relations Professionals Have About Social Media 1. Is social media a medium to influence the influencers? 2. Are influencers impacted by social media usage of clients, vendors, and media? 3. Now that many are creating their own messages is message … Continue reading10 Questions Analyst Relations Have About Social Media

List of Full Time Social Media Professionals Grows

When I first started this list, there were about 8 names on it, just about every day, I continue to add more names, and I’ve thus had to segment the list out by verticals. What is this list? It’s a list of full time social media professionals at Enterprise size companies. As noted in my recent research report, there are two main roles that are appearing, the social computing/media strategist (I count 54 folks on my list), and the community manager (I count 47 folks). When I wrote the report it was focused on interactive marketers, so it didn’t include an R&D viewpoint, as such, I’ve now added a third category to the list of product managers that create social … Continue readingList of Full Time Social Media Professionals Grows

How Popular Blogs and Mainstream Media Appear The Same

I’m in the unique position as a blogger who interacts with journalists, popular ‘A-list’ blogs, and PR firms who present new stories and I’ve observed a trend that Popular Blogs and Mainstream Media appear the same I first started this discussion on Friendfeed, and now it continues here. In 2005-2006 the discussion around blogs was it’s potential threat to ‘kill’ mainstream media, newspapers, and magazines. As a result, mainstream media responded back, sometimes with negative attacks like ‘attack of the blogs‘. Segregation was impossible and eventually groups within mainstream media outlets started to create blogs on their own, often covering the technology sector or political arena, and many were used as a ‘personal column’ or a place to get more … Continue readingHow Popular Blogs and Mainstream Media Appear The Same

Predictions: What Technology will Replace

My CEO, George Colony lists out a few products and services that have ‘disappeared’ due to technology in his latest blog post. He lists out encyclopedias, classifies, records, actors and even trans-continental flights. He asks what could disappear next. I’ll throw out some hypothetical situations that could cause some of the following dissipate: Support for products could be transplanted by peer to peer support tools like GetSatisfaction where passionate customers self-support each other bypassing corporations “Outside” Sales teams could be replaced by Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) s where customers define what they want, companies respond. Printed photos/photo centers, at least in the eyes of Generation Y are already falling by the wayside Physical printed maps are already being replaced by … Continue readingPredictions: What Technology will Replace

The Future of the Corporate Website involves People

A few days ago, I ran a contest for two winners to receive free tickets to the Internet Strategy Forum Summit in Portland. The winning responses, based on insight, ability to back up their predictions and being succinct were Christopher Smith and Kristie. I’ve selected the two winners, here’s their submissions: Kristie Connor, a Marketing Consultant, submits on the concept of ‘fluidity’. I like this concept as the corporate website won’t be the only container of brand and product content but also this content will spread to wherever the conversations flow on the web: Social networks, blogs, friendfeed and wherever else. She writes the following: “Corporate websites of the future will be less about canned content and more about fluidity. … Continue readingThe Future of the Corporate Website involves People

The Five Questions Companies Ask About Social Media

I just visited a client who had several groups in their company doing quite a bit around social media (they are trying to answer the 4th and 5th question). They were what I call “walking” and were on the verge of “running”. Often, when I meet companies for the first time, I try to find out which of the following questions that they are answering, as it determines their level of sophistication. As one might expect, brands in tech, media, and some consumer goods are more advanced, and finance, insurance, and sometimes government are trying to answer the first questions. Five questions companies ask about social media: What is Social Media? For many folks, corporations, the question to answer was … Continue readingThe Five Questions Companies Ask About Social Media