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Audio: Why Most Brands Fail at Social Network Marketing


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Dear friend Jennifer Jones interviews me on my latest Forrester report The Best and Worst of Social Network Marketing. I discuss some of the high level points of why brands have had so many issues –and what they should do to succeed. 15 of the 16 brands we tested did not pass our criteria, I hope that if we retest them, they will have improved.

Update: I’m doing a teleconference on this topic on behalf of my employer, should you wish to discuss this further and learn more.

Audio: How Nike’s Jordan team leans on Social Media


Jennifer Jones
, who hosts one of the top ongoing social media marketing podcasts, interviews Emmanuel Brown of Nike Jordan. I saw Emmanuel at the last Marketing Forum in L.A. he told us that employees are encouraged to work out a couple of hours every day. Actually, it’s more than encouraged, it’s mandatory. He discusses their Breakfast Club interactive program, which helps customers track and improve their daily sports routine, and recently won a Groundswell award for their efforts.

They aren’t the only sports brand leaning on social media to reach customers. New Balance has a ‘studio’ type site, and Nike has launched an online community platform.

Update: Forrester has published a video of Emmanuel Brown at his recent presentation at the Marketing Forum, including other videos. (a quick registration is required)

Video: Hanging at the Bloghaus


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I was lucky to be at the very first BlogHaus at SXSW in Jan 2007, and was really pleased to return to yet another version at SXSW this week. Stephanie Agresta interviewed me, and we talked about SXSW, and what I’m watching as an important technology.

Video: I get schooled by Guy Kawasaki “The Young and the Old Samurai”


Jennifer Jones the host of Marketing Voices continues to improve in quality, with her strong background in broadcast TV, she continues to bring professionalism by interviewing the top leaders in the marketing industry.

Her latest guest, who needs no introduction is famed Guy Kawasaki. Featuring his latest project Alltop a preset bookmarking service organized by verticals.

Every day, I’m seeing new companies that are pushing technology to meet business needs, and in my honest review, I gave Guy a great review on the marketing of his services, but a less than steller review on innovation.

Initially, when I did that review, there were only a few sites available (egos, sports, etc) recently, he’s launched one that may have more value to my focus area called social media. I’m taking the ‘Kellogg’ challenge and am starting each day with this site, to see if it can enhance my information collecting, so far, so good.

In a fun and metaphorical way, Guy gives me a real good lesson that I’m going to take to heart, and positions me as the young, naive samurai.

Damn, I guess I need to buy Jennifer a new table.

Audio: Overview of Social Networks, Facebook (7:45)


Jason Lopez, former colleague/friend/journalist from PodTech’s newsroom interviews me on the phenomenon we know as Facebook, I also discuss how the web will be distributed, move offsite, and ‘fly’ around the web. I hope you find this insightful.

If you need other information see my tags on Facebook Strategy, or for a broader view, see social networks. If you’re seeking a weekly digest of this space, I go to great lengths to watch this space, and publish a weekly digest of the social networking space.

On a related note, I’ve made some predictions on the crowded white label social network space (over 60 vendors) I’ve made some predictions to CIO magazine, White-Label Social Networking Set for Shake-Up? Yup, a shakeout will happen.

Marketing Executives should listen to Marketing Profs Podcast


I had a chance to connect with Jennifer Jones, the hostess and MC of Marketing Voices Podcast yesterday. She’s one of my former colleagues and will be a long time friend. I learned that her podcast, which helps marketing leaders understand social media is continuing to take off. Although I made a list of the many marketing podcasts, as I understand it, the listernership is up to 100,000 downloads in the last month, that blows away almost any other podcast that I know of. Apparently some big name brands have noticed too, she’s now sponsored by Webex AND Intel, both companies want to reach marketers and the social sphere, respectively. Her show is also syndicated by MarketingProfs, one of the top communities on the web, and of course on PodTech.

Here’s why Marketing Voices is getting traction:

1) She gets top name guests: many authors, speakers, thought leaders, and most importantly, practitioners that have done it in the workplace.
2) Expectations: She’s consistent with her weekly release, format, questions, and length, she screens the guests, preps them with questions. Her background in TV broadcasting and as a PR executive helps her all around the show.
3) Brevity: The shows (mainly audio and sometimes video) are short and concise, she’s respecting media snackers. Most are 10-15 minutes, each very ‘tight’ in content.
4) Her passion: She’s truly very, very fascinated by the social media world, as a “digital immigrant” she wants to explore how these tools change the world, we’ve had many, many conversations.
5) Shelf Life: It’s not a show on ‘what’s hip’ but really on strategy and many leaders share case studies and examples, you can go back into the archives to listen and learn.

To be fair, I can’t just throw roses, but gave her a few suggestions to improve the show, all minor: 1) set the audio levels so the speaker and host are always at the same level 2) Just once, the show was duplicated twice on iTunes, but a very minor nitpick. If you’re a listener, I’m sure she’d be curious to hear your feedback.

So if you’re a marketing executive, (or work for one) and you need to know how social media impacts your world, I recommend you subscribe to MarketingVoices on iTunes (will prompt iTunes), or check out the website, while you’re reclaiming time in the car or on a jog, stay learning with high quality content.