Roadmap: Five Phases of Digital Eras

Five Phases of Digital Eras Roadmaps directionally guide us when situations are unclear. To guide me, I often used this framework in client work, speeches, and reports. It serves us to see how technology is rolling out in our lives, as Scott Monty said, it could a “chart of your life”. It’s not just for me, it’s for all of us to use in our personal and professional planning. As we approach the anticipated recession, now is a good time to publish this roadmap, as we’ve seen economic conditions shape each era. For example, in the Internet Era, the dot coms experienced a shakeout in the 2001 recession. Next the Social Media era became a low-cost channel in the next … Continue readingRoadmap: Five Phases of Digital Eras

Your Guide to Innovation and Design Methods

By Jeremiah Owyang, with co-contributor Ryan Brinks Corporations are approaching innovation processes and methods in different manners, we’ve seen catalogs of over 70 examples. Here’s a sample of the most common methods that we’ve commonly heard in our interviews from our recent report on the Corporate Innovation Imperative (download). Feel free to leave comments below with a design process or method that you feel if valuable, and explain why. In summary, here’s the most commonly discussed and adopted versions, both in a high-level table below, then summaries below with a diagram Guide to Innovation and Design Methods Name: Founded: Type: Best for: Differentiator: Waterfall 1956 by Herbert D. Benington Linear Well-Defined projects Teams work independently on each stage Lean Startup 2008 by … Continue readingYour Guide to Innovation and Design Methods

Ecosystem Guide: The 12 Players of the Collaborative Economy

The Collaborative Economy is a complex ecosystem composed of many unique players. These many players are jostling about, partnering, competing, and disrupting each other. It’s key to understand the many players in this movement before blindly stumbling into this market. This post took weeks to prepare, and it’s my attempt to catalogue a very complex market that has broad, global economic impacts being felt by many people. By no means is this market breakdown complete, so I seek your feedback in the comments. This space is diverse. There’s a wide range of political groups: from grandstanding politicians, to left-wing sharing communal hippies, to conservative incumbents resisting the movement, to libertarians seeking as little government regulation as possible as possible. There’s a … Continue readingEcosystem Guide: The 12 Players of the Collaborative Economy

3D Printing Business Models Spell Ecosystem Change

Above: MakerBot 3-D printer from MakerBot Flickr account. This blog is focused on the relationship between large companies and their communities (customers, partners, and more) as it relates to new technologies. Emerging markets generate a desire for large companies to integrate new technologies to scope out new business models, scenarios and plans. Within this context I propose four major scenarios for large companies to offer 3D printing and scanning technologies within their business ecosystem. New business models are emerging, transforming retailers into manufacturers and service providers, offering customized products at scale, and reconfiguring supply chain and logistics into new business entities heretofore unseen and into others we’ve yet to see.  As a primer, before you read on, be sure to read the … Continue reading3D Printing Business Models Spell Ecosystem Change

The Alliances Form in the Collaborative Economy Battleground

Above: Screenshot from the story board on how corporations can fight or join the collaborative economy. Taking a look back at last two week’s event show some interesting twists, the crowd is continuing to organize around getting what they need from each other, rather than from corporations. For the advanced corporations who’ve entered the collaborative economy,  they’ve formed partnerships to strengthen their own ecosystem.   [Business models and tempers change as the crowd gets what they need from each other –rather than corporations]   It’s important to state that this is a continuation of social business. The next phase of social business isn’t just sharing ideas, but the sharing of goods and services.  People can share goods and services with … Continue readingThe Alliances Form in the Collaborative Economy Battleground

Provide a Platform for the Crowd to Become Your Company

Above Image: Screenshot taken from keynote presentation on the Collaborative Economy.I’m about to tell you that in the most advanced form of the Collaborative Economy, the crowd becomes the company. To set the context, this post is the most advanced form of the Collaborative Economy, and is only part of my ongoing coverage of this next phase of social business.  Read the definitive research report or peruse all the posts on the Collaborative Economy topic. Let me restate the definition of this movement: [The Collaborative Economy is an economic model where ownership and access are shared between people, startups, and corporations.] Disruption: The Crowd Is Already Replicating Company Functions The Collaborative Economy is where people get what they want from each other, bypassing corporations.  … Continue readingProvide a Platform for the Crowd to Become Your Company