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A list of companies and services that provide live web video


You may know me as one of the guys that was live streaming the Web 2.0 conference in 2007, this is a space that I’m watching grow quickly.

I like lists, it helps me to keep track, gauge and watch a market. I’ve done this for a few other industries such as Online Data Storage, Social Media Measurement, and White Label Social Networking products.

I’m starting to see more and more companies emerge that offer Online Video Web Streaming. The requirements? It should be accessible by the average consumer, no or low-cost, and transmits video through the web. It should be MORE than just a webcam software or home security, it should have features such as social networks, widgets, and archiving abilities.

A list of companies and services that provide live, streaming, web video:


Express yourself live

Live interactive video for everyone

kyte: TV
With kyte you start your own broadcast network!

Live Broadcast!

The live TV studio in your browser

Operator 11
Grab your cam and join any show that’s netcasting

Instant Social Networking

Lifecasting Now

Home Monitoring made easy

Infinite Conferencing
Webcast Your Event… Get the Power and Reach of a Radio or Television Broadcast at a fraction of the cost!

Create, Share, and Watch Live Broadcasts

“Broadcast video “live” from the palm of your hand”

Justin TV
“A place for live video. That means everything from event streaming to lifecasting.”

Yahoo Live
“Y! Live was dreamed up as a way to make it possible for anyone to create their own live video experience”

Other Resources
While searching for more video lists, I ran across this great list. He’s got some other companies listed for scheduled broadcasting and remixing, but I’m primarily focused on live streaming. I’ve got a few he doesn’t and he had a few I didn’t. I love how the web promotes sharing and collaborative learning.


It’s May 2007, and there’s five on this list, I predict there will be at least 20 of these types of companies on the web by the end of year. I anticipate that Google or it’s YouTube acquisiotion will launch such a service by Thanksgiving of Christmas (when people want to talk to family remotely). It does seem like everytime Google swallows a company that it has little innovation for sometime, so we’ll have to see.

What’s the future of online video media? While video blogs are certainly getting more popular, streaming will too. I see social media moving from asynchronous to real-time. As our culture catches up to Asian countries usage of mobile, we’ll start recording and distributing more live video from cell phones.

Know of a company or service? Leave a comment

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Update: May 29th, I’m excited about Ustream and have now joined the board of advisors, details on this post.

Ustream quickly renders new UI Design and Feature Set


Ustream hit the world by storm at the Web 2.0 Expo just a few weeks ago. They were smart to be one of the first to market, and reached out to bloggers like Chris Pirillo (see his live experience), and the PodTech bloggers to trial out the service.

“You can’t walk very far without being caught on camera at the Web 2.0 Expo, being held at Moscone in San Francisco this week. Today, Jeremiah Owyang of PodTech had his tripod fixed on the third-floor, live-streaming tables upon tables of lunching attendees. I stopped by to ask him what he was doing and he swung the camera around to beam down on our chat.” –NewTeeVee reports

Fast launch left much to desire in first version
It was a good first generation trial, but the biggest complaint from users was the clunky, non-tuitive user interface. It took several steps to stream a show, and features were hidden under strange nomenclature. It looks like that’s ending now.

Notable improvements in this release

Ustream has launched a new revision of their site with an improved user experience. They’ standardized the look, provided some ‘2.0’ styling, and made the front page more of a TV guide and destination to see what’s being ustreamed. There’s also a variety of hooks to blogs, viral tagging software and other tools to help your stream go farther. The most important feature? Remembering my ID and password so I don’t have to login everytime. Second best feature? I can launch my show in three clicks from the homepage, making my life easier.

While cruising around the “my profile” area, I noticed enhanced permission settings, you could stream to your friends only, or by age, or even gender. I see this as being a great tool for businesses to do private streams. Killer feature: Archived videos can have permissions, great for creating video on the fly

Compare for yourself:

Old Ustream interface (
Old Ustream Interface

New, improved Ustream interface
New Ustream interface

Ustream has a lot of potential, I really believe it could be the next WebEx. Have suggestions? What else should they improve, leave a comment below.

Ustream making UI improvements and launches Reality Show contest


Ustream evolves
Ustream guys have been using Scoble, Pirillo, myself and all the other users as the test dummies to start improving the ustream experience. Chris has been ustreaming like crazy lately, he’s been pretty much a 24/7 show (and aimed at his camera when sleeping). Last night, Chris noticed that they improve some of the UI features, and provided a video stream so you could easily see what others are experiencing. This is important (as I’ve been ustreaming at many conferences) I hadn’t always known if others were seeing or could hear me. Sometimes when part of the feed would drop, I would get a phonecall from a friend. One time, I was talking to myself while walking down Market street in SF and the video dropped. I was looking like an idiot for no reason, rather than for a little reason.

I’m too boring to lifecast, but maybe you’re not
If you go to the Ustream site they’ve just launched a reality show for lifecasters, Do you think your life is that interesting? They will be accepting applications for 10 individuals for some type of ‘grant’. If I were in college again, I think my life would be more interesting, I’ll pass, but maybe you’d be interested.

Pushing the Technology on our Closing Twanel at Web 2.0 Expo


(Me, asking a question from my Ustream Chat room, to the Panelists. Photo from David Parmet)

(The panelists: Thomas Hawk (taking photo) Chris Pirillo (interacting in chat), Robert Scoble (headcam). Photo from David Parmet)

I’m exhausted.

I’ve been live streaming for about 8 hours each day since Sunday, I’ve interviewed over 100 people, but I can relax now, after having crossed the finish line as the moderator (interviewer) for the final panel of the conference that was discussing Social Media for Web 2.0 companies.

As if moderating a panel of A-listers wasn’t enough, I was the ears, eyes, legs, and even mouth for those that were watching and interacting with us in the chatroom. I felt really tired after moderating a panel with Robert Scoble, Chris Pirillo, Thomas Hawk. I was specifically selected to moderate this panel as I know all these guys, and can encourage them in a topical path.

Session Strategy
I started by calling this a “Twanel” in that responses were supposed to be short, (Like Twitter + Panel) and I’m thankful for the panelists all chipping in their responses.

My goal was to get a conversation going, make sure everyone had enough time to speak, be entertaining, and give real practical advice to the audience. We probably achieved 3/4 of those goals, guess which one’s we didn’t get.

I tried to keep it very interactive, I strolled the aisles fielding questions, as well as taking a question for the chatroom in my Ustream IRC. (folks, some of the great questions were already answered, that’s why I only asked one)

Pushing the Technology

This panel did make history today, while there have frequently been backchannels at conferences, this time remote folks were able to watch 3 Ustream feeds (Robert’s head cam, Chris’s Handcam, and my Tripod Camera). We used Twitter (pic of the conference screens) to signal to the communities, and Twittermap to show the conversations. The audience was participating on the large screen that was displaying a moderated IRC channel provided by Chris. We also used Twitter to get the word out about the live streams and don’t forget Thomas’s major league camera. The folks in the audience were taking pictures constantly. Although there were hundreds in the physical rooms, most would agree there were way more people watching online in real time. (Thanks Kris Tate of Zooomr for managing my chat room)

Answering the Question: How does Social Media Help Web 2.0 companies?
I’m seeing some feedback that we could have done better, Tris was also a bit spun out. Yes, I agree, A-Listers love to talk about well…being A-listers. Although everyone agreed we’ll not get rich by using these tools, I’ll recite (as I often do to my clients as a Social Media Consultant) the benefits of Social Media:

1) Loud “viral” voice, great for marketing
2) Reaching influencers fast, cut out the middleman.
3) Listen: Keep your finger on the pulse of your community
4) Reduce your product requirements cycle: your community will help you shape your product in near real-time and build products they want.
5) Users will self-support each other, if given the opportunity
6) Speed to respond to product issues
7) Learn more about the marketplace, and competition
8) Build meaningful relationships, be more human
9) Leave a comment

If you want to learn other “how to’s” check out all my posts tagged “Web Strategy“.

Media Overkill?

Sure, we had a ridiculous amount of technology being used inside a bubblesque media box, but we pushed the limits of letting as many people into (and participate) in the session as our technology will allow us using affordable tools.

Thanks Dave McClure for organizing this panel, it certainly ended the conference on a high-energy note.

In the near future, I’ll be writing an extensive review of Ustream, as well as provide practical advice from what I learned, both good and bad.

Update: April 19th

  • The video Mashups are already starting to happen
  • Mdoef has captured some of the video from his camera and uploaded to YouTube
  • Thomas Hawk’s recap
  • Dan Fost: SFGate
  • Jack has an MP3 of the whole session, Thanks Jack
  • Streaming Live from Day 2, 3, + 4 at Web2.0 Expo


    I’m streaming live again, you can watch live in the embedded player below, or join the session and the chat room, I interact and field your questions. We had 30-50 people chatting yesterday in the room, it was pretty entertaining layer of additional discussion.

    Particls has a list of other streamers, be sure to check out their site.

    I’m making announcements from Twitter, you can add me from my Twitter account Jowyang.

    What are you watching?

    9am-10am: Blogs, Chat Rooms, Wikis, Oh My! The Yellow Brick Road to Online Market Intelligence
    10-12pm: Tara Hunt’s Community Roundtable
    5PM: Meeting with Scott Hirsch, and others to prepare for our panel tomorrow
    6PM: Party at the St. Regis

    Update: Gregg put my feed in Widescreen, Thanks Greg

    Tuesday Update:
    I’ll be streaming the conference live again today, rather than me create new posts, I’ll just leave this one up, as the embedded player will work for all 4 days. I’ll be streaming live while on stage at 2pm PST on a panel.

    Ill be streaming the conference and halls again. Be sure to go into the chat room, where you can interact with me and others. I respond to people in the Chat room, ask your questions to whoever’s on the show, all in real-time. YOU are part of this show as much as I am. Holly has provided a review, and summarizes exactly what I’m trying to achieve.

    I will be speaking at 4pm, and will stream. Scoble, Pirillo will be streaming live with me on stage, and I’m sure Thomas Hawk will be taking pictures.