As the TV moves to the Web, control moves to the users

I’ve become a fan of Heroes, an ongoing series by NBC. Interestingly enough, I time shift, medium shift, and control the content in the way I want to. The first season, I didn’t watch on TV, we rented the episodes from the local Blockbuster (not online). For season 2, which just started, I’m watching the episodes online from the NBC site. The have pre-roll ads, that are about 30 seconds, which you cannot fast forward. The advertising videos are actually interesting, as they change them up for different sponsors and there are links to learn more. For example, last week, there was an interactive game in addition to the video for a new Nissan crossover. This week, Bertolli is launching … Continue readingAs the TV moves to the Web, control moves to the users

How Google’s video security system could impact the media industry

Google announced that it’s going to imprint a tracking algorithm being referred to as a “fingerprint” on video media for it’s video systems (Google Video and YouTube). I had conversations with colleague Jeff Scott over coffee, and we came up with some interesting risk analysis. While the media industry breathes a sigh of relief, what are the business and user impacts for such a system? Potential risks and considerations: 1) This finger printing system, which is likely invisible to users, could decisively leave small pixels that could eventually be added to create a unique identifier. Sadly, there’s no security system ever that is fool proof. 2) For Google, this could be a media lock in process. Media companies that want … Continue readingHow Google’s video security system could impact the media industry

New Ustream launches the first real-time “Engagement” meter

That’s the quotient that online video people are trying to figure out. Well Ustream has launched a new tool in their latest version that lets users ‘shout out’ about a show that’s interesting, their blog lists out the details. What’s Engagement? I’ve discussed it several times, and have been able to boil it down to “Apparent Interest“. My formula suggests it’s the factor of Attention, Interaction, and a few other attributes. Colleague Robert Scoble has a video interview with the CEO of Ustream, and Techcrunch has the feature breakdown. What’s interesting about Ustream, a company that I’ve decided to advise? Well John Edwards was using it live on Monday after the debates, Chris Pirillo has a live show, and even … Continue readingNew Ustream launches the first real-time “Engagement” meter

Enhancing your Website with Video, and the next generation of Video consumption

Killer App suggests that a new generation of online video aggregators are appearing, MSNBC has a great article by Ramon Ray that gives some resources on how to enhance your website with video. Communicating with your customers through video can offer them a fresh alternative to basic text on a static website. We all know the saying, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” The principal is the same for a video on a website. I would also suggest that video is great for executives, and I’ve listed out some resources on Why Online Video is good for your Corporate Executives and How to Deploy.

A list of companies and services that provide live web video

You may know me as one of the guys that was live streaming the Web 2.0 conference in 2007, this is a space that I’m watching grow quickly. I like lists, it helps me to keep track, gauge and watch a market. I’ve done this for a few other industries such as Online Data Storage, Social Media Measurement, and White Label Social Networking products. I’m starting to see more and more companies emerge that offer Online Video Web Streaming. The requirements? It should be accessible by the average consumer, no or low-cost, and transmits video through the web. It should be MORE than just a webcam software or home security, it should have features such as social networks, widgets, and … Continue readingA list of companies and services that provide live web video

Viacom: “One Beeeeelion Dollars”

Viacom sues YouTube for “One Beeeelion Dollars” reports the whole world on Techmeme. Yes, too late John, too late. I realize that Google has deep pockets, but trying to fight the intrawebs is going to be a tough battle. My CEO John Furrier has some interesting takes on this, he even talked to some folks at Google, read his post on the topic. In the comments section, John suggests the following: “If I was Viacom I’d be using the new technology to extend their franchises not use their resources fighting an already rising tide.”