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Future of Photos: Doubles, Glossy, Matte, or JPEG?


In this left picture of Ryan and Teresa Valdez Klein, I upload photos (GPS tagged with location and time) in real time from my mobile phone using Shozu, and share it with my network on Flickr, Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook, and now my blog.

Like some of you, I’m still fascinated how digital natives interpret media, communications compared to boomers. Me? I’m in the middle watching it all go down.

Just a few days ago, I compared who had more data about my friend Teresa Valdez Klein, Facebook or the US Government. In the comments, it was almost unanimously the US Government, although interestingly enough, most of the data about her in Facebook is opt-in, rather opt-out.

Do you remember the days of taking your black physical rolls of film to Longs or CVS, waiting a few days or hours to get them developed? There were always risks: hoping we didn’t get an over exposed photo, losing the roll in one’s purse or backpack, or forgetting to pick them up all together? For generation Y, that’s no longer a problem.

Take for example in my recent lunch with Teresa (interestingly I found out that she was in NY the same time I was via Friendfeed) she mentioned her younger siblings were growing up in a world where photos were published instantly to the web from mobile devices –this is a native activity to them.

I spoke with my trusted confidant Jennifer Jones (host of Marketing Voices Podcst) yesterday, when it comes to pictures, her son lives in the digital world. I’ve been to Jennifer’s beautiful home, which has nicely framed pictures of the family and kids from all stages of their life. Like any good mother, Jennifer offered her son to take framed family photos off to college. While it’s often un-cool for any kid to take family photos to college, his honest retort was “I don’t need to Mom, I have Facebook”.

He went on to explain that Facebook photos were more current and ‘real’. I’d add that those photos can be transplanted wherever her son goes, as long as he has access to the internet. Furthermore, they are social objects and assets that are being shared in the nexus of his network, perhaps far more valuable location than ‘on the shelf’.

We start to see a connection of the physical and digital universe. At first positioned as ‘executive desk’ gadgets, the Digital Frame continues to get more popular. I personally have no desire for it, and would only accept it as a gift, never buy it. A few reasons,, to me my sharing is on the web, which I can access from my mobile phone. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of these devices is that many are not internet devices, and a majority of them require physical storage changes –what a hassle.

So where are you when it comes to photos?

  • Print or Digital?
  • Instant or Later?
  • Online or Framed?
  • Self Contained or Shared Online?
  • Doubles/Glossy/Matte, or JPEG?
  • List of Communities, Virtual Worlds, and Social Networks for Youth, Boomers, Retired, and Beyond


    I’m doing research around how different ages using social networks, communities, and virtual worlds by age, and will compile this list as it grows. I’m looking for established community sites that are mature enough to work with brands.

    There is already so much coverage on mainstream social networks like Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn that we forget about the other smaller niche networks. First, understand technographics (how ages use social media 18+) by accessing Forrester’s profile tool, available for free.

    If you know the demographics for any of these, please leave a comment.

    I’m primarily seeking communties that are under 18, beyond just MySpace.

    Club Penguin, Disney
    8-12, Virtual World

    Young Girls 10-17, Social Network, virtual dolls

    Barbie Girls
    6-16, Virtual World

    Youth, Avatar based Social network

    6-10 year olds, Virtual World

    Club Penguin, Disney
    8-12, Social network, virtual dolls

    Teens, Virtual World

    Habbo Hotel
    European Youth, Virtual World

    South Korean youth, (and now global), virtual/social network

    Youth, Virtual Pets

    Pixie Hollow, Disney
    Young Girls, Virtual Pet

    Teen Second Life
    Teen, Virtual World

    Youth, Virtual World

    Teens, Social Network

    Youth, Virtual World/games

    Shining Stars, by Russ
    Youth, ‘name a star’

    Puzzle Pirates

    Youth, Gaming, Virtual World

    Now of course, boomers and retired are also going to be on lifestyle social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, but I’m seeking examples that are focused in on reaching these folks.


    50+, Social Network

    50+, Social Network

    Tee Bee Dee
    Boomers, Social Network

    Boomers, Social Network

    There’s a larger list of Boomer sites, many I’ve not heard from.

    Someone suggests this in the comments in Friendfeed, makes sense.


    For what it’s worth, I hope this blog lives on past my time here.

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