Why Search is Facebook’s Tailbone

Who’s sitting on something that could be valuable but is not using it?  Facebook. Last night at the Facebook press and analyst event, I had the opportunity to meet with product managers who asked me for my take on the Facebook strategy, which I gave a number of opinions. I did tell one product manager that “Facebook’s tailbone is search, you guys are sitting on the data and it’s not doing anything”. He spit out his drink into his cup, which got the attention of the PR “handlers” resulting in a chuckle from Scoble (being more disruptive than Scoble at a press junket is a feather I’ll now finally put in my cap). Some FBers told me they’d use that … Continue readingWhy Search is Facebook’s Tailbone

SWOT: Five Ways Google+ Can Become Mainstream

Google+ A Solid Start, Yet Still Not Compelling for Mainstream Adoption. I spent nearly the entire weekend playing with Google+ (here’s my profile), and even was using Google’s Android Honeycomb operating system on a Galaxy Tab to see how well it integrates.  So far, I’m impressed, and think Google finally got the formula right that will spur on adoption.  In my initial reactions, I stated that Google+ was pretty much mirroring Facebook’s features, and didn’t give a compelling reason for many mainstream users to port over.  While just about a month old, there’s been some discussion that Google+ has reached a significant number of registered users quickly (although it’s not clear if they’ll be repeat users beyond the test drive), … Continue readingSWOT: Five Ways Google+ Can Become Mainstream

Altimeter Report: The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing

Report Snapshot (full report embedded below) Altimeter Group conducted research, and gleaned input from 34 vendors, agencies, and experts, to determine success criteria and develop a roadmap for Facebook page best practices. We found Eight Success Criteria for Facebook page marketing, and then tested the maturity of 30 top brands across six industries. Our heuristic evaluation revealed that brands fell short – nearly half of the brands we reviewed (14 out of 30) did not fully leveraged social features to activate word of mouth, the hallmark behavior of social networks. Within this immature landscape, a few brands were on the right track to successfully harnessing Facebook page marketing. Brands like Pampers, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and AXE increased engagement and activated word … Continue readingAltimeter Report: The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing

Matrix: How Facebook’s ‘Community Pages’ and Privacy Changes Impact Brands

This is one of those important posts to forward to your marketing team, agency partners, and to Facebook themselves. While there’s been plenty of coverage about user privacy concerns, attention on Facebook’s changes on brands hasn’t been adequately covered, this analysis is intended to unravel what’s at stake –and what brands should do.  I’ve spoken to a handful of brands and their representatives to learn what’s eating at them. Summary:  Facebook has quietly launched ‘Community Pages’ Hampering Brands Facebook has launched  several new policies and features since the F8 Conference ‘Crusade of Colonization’ which has resulted in a large backlash from media around user privacy.  It’s not clear if beyond the vocal media if users will leave the site in droves. … Continue readingMatrix: How Facebook’s ‘Community Pages’ and Privacy Changes Impact Brands

First Take Analysis: Facebook’s Crusade of Colonization

Today marks yet another important era in Facebook’s saga, they are expected to make a big push to extend the Facebook experience to every webpage. Today, I attended the f8 developer conference hosted by Facebook, they’ve made some key announcements on what they want their developers to do.  While there’s a lot of news sources and bloggers rehashing what was announced, I’d like to go a step deeper and talk about the ecosystem impacts, opportunities and threats, and provide some insights.  Here’s my take: Matrix: Facebook’s Crusade of Colonization I just finished watching the keynote, while there’s a lot of folks rehashing news, my goal is to tell you what it means, and the impacts it has. Announcement What It … Continue readingFirst Take Analysis: Facebook’s Crusade of Colonization