Crises Tracking on Twitter: The Benefits –and Dangers– of New Media

Yesterday morning, on a slow Sunday, I was witness to yet another disaster being reported from first hand sources on Twitter. This has reoccured for the small explosion at Times Square last year, Earthquake in China, Bombings in India, Fires in L.A., and now a propane factory exploding in Toronto. When I tweeted that “BREAKING: @photojunkie citizen journalist has pics and video of Toronto explosion, BEFORE press story” I was acting like an amplifier. Some reporters follow me and it quickly was swept into the LATimes blog, and I was contacted in email by a Canadian newspaper, who I sent to Photojunkie, a real source, as I was not. Of course, this leads to some risks: 1) Sources may … Continue readingCrises Tracking on Twitter: The Benefits –and Dangers– of New Media

Ditching the Digital Camera for the Mobile Phone (Onboard camera)

Shifting to Onboard Camera on N95 Just about every year, I drop, lose, break, my camera. This time, I dropped my Canon IS700 in the streets of San Diego, and now it only takes blurry pics. No worries, I squeezed 10,000 (estimated) thousand photos out of that $300 camera, adding to my flickr account of over 22,000 photos. (Insert Asian joke here) I’ve shifted to using the on board 5 megapixel camera on my Nokia N95, and downloaded Shozu, which is a photo/video management tool that lets me seamlessly upload in real-time photos to flickr or any social website of my choosing. It’s a slower process than a point and shoot, but what I make up for convenience of having … Continue readingDitching the Digital Camera for the Mobile Phone (Onboard camera)

Innovation Watch: Fast Company Reports On Community Efforts

Edward Sussman, the President of Mansueto Digital and built the new has responded to my analysis. He’s done a great job addressing the many points I made, and has responded both on my blog and on his site, where I cross posted. He’s shared some numbers of growth including activity: “We are approaching 1,000 reader posts a day about business topics raised by our journalists” and member involvement: “Members have set up more than 500 blogs about business.” I’m going to continue to watch Fast Company as a media company who is embracing the social computing aspect of the future and I encourage you to also watch. Thank you Ed for being so forthcoming, I will watch with great … Continue readingInnovation Watch: Fast Company Reports On Community Efforts

Video: Rebecca MacKinnon on Online Journalism

Click To Play Hong Kong University professor Rebecca MacKinnon shares her insight on online journalism and recent censorship that MSN did for a blogger. She discusses her online debate with former Microsoft Evangelist Robert Scoble, you can read her analysis, his response, and her response. Rebecca is clearly knowledgeable about this topic area, but I ran out of memory, so the best way to learn more is to subscribe to her blog. Oh, and she certainly impressed me with her ability to handle very spicy food.

Web Strategy Show: Josh Hallett on Citizen Journalism and Effective Blog Design

Here’s one of the last Web Strategy Show videos that will be published on this round (new readers: I interviewed the top web and marketing leaders in the industry at PodTech, see archives). Josh Hallett is known in the web marketing and social media fields, and is frequently seen at conferences speaking, sharing, or just taking pictures. Based out of Florida, he’s become a personal contact of mine, and he recently visited me at PodTech in Palo Alto. Josh shares with us at the WeMedia conference on the topic of Citizen Journalism, (1:10). He discusses how we both witnessed Shel Israel pissing off the traditional journalists in the room who are holding on to the old publishing model in a … Continue readingWeb Strategy Show: Josh Hallett on Citizen Journalism and Effective Blog Design

Facebook news page gives away son’s taboo party

(Update: The Photo and Video have been removed by request of the Father, who originally sent it to me) Just this morning I posted how kids don’t want to add their parents as friends in Facebook, and provided the handy crises management template. How timely. Here’s the story, my friend added his son in Facebook as a connection, today he saw his son left comments on a photo, and it showed up on the father’s newsfeed. He followed the link to the photos and found out his son had a party at his house (with under age drinking) with many kids, and there were pics to prove. His son had previously told his dad he didn’t have a party, but … Continue readingFacebook news page gives away son’s taboo party