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London LeWeb: Faster Than Real Time


I’ll be at LeWeb London with brands, and the agencies and software vendors who serve them as a keynote and co-host on the social track with Cedric Giorgi , I hope you’ll join us!

I’m pleased to attend LeWeb this June in London (new venue, new date, same quality show) it’s one of the highest production conferences in our space at scale. One of the fantastic things of the high-production global show is the focus on the future of how the web is moving the world, business, and ourselves forward.

I’m glad that Loic has selected the theme “Faster Than Real Time” based on Altimeter’s research themes (Adaptive Org), which will stem the many speeches at the event, and I’ll be there to speak with brands on stage, and conduct research live from these sessions.

What does Faster Than Real Time mean? It means predicting what people want –based on signals, data, and computing.

The amount of data being shared by consumers, and objects around the world is staggering. From body data from Nike+ and Nike Fuel Band, to checkins from consumers on Foursquare to the data rendered in Instagram pictures from mobile devices everything is being captured and shared. Even non-digital items and goods will soon have a digital signature as Google roles out Goggles that allow us to overlay data on everything and anything.

As a result, this data can be processed by machines, allowing us to anticipate and eventually predict what people will want and do, giving rise to an incredible opportunity for brands, governments, and peers to serve up needs before you actually know you need it. For example, Target’s recent example of predicting a young gal was pregnant before her farther actually knew is a bellwether of this future change.

Loic and Geraldine have offered a 100 Gbp discount to readers of the Web Strategy blog, register here and use “JEREMIAH” as the discount code.

See you at LeWeb, London, June.

Screen shot 2012-04-19 at 5.33.58 PM
ps: If you’ve my business card you’ll find the back says “For organizations, real time is not fast enough”

Keynote Slides: Lead the Dynamic Customer Journey


The embedded slides below are from the Digital Blue Conference held in Miami, on March 2, 2012. The goal? To help digital marketers at health insurance companies best understand how the industry is changed, who’s innovating, and what we can learn from best of breed in other markets. We’re seeing a trend where marketers must integrate POE (Paid, Owned, and Earned) into a single strategy, and presented case examples of how corporations are doing this now. I also featured how esurance spanned all two phases of Awareness, Consideration and crossed POE in an integrate approach.

You’ll see a few innovation examples including:

  • How H&R Block reaches customers in a number of channels
  • How Mayo Clinic, an early pioneer reaches to customers as well as offers peer-peer communities to foster growth
  • How the rise of “Body Data” from the likes of Nike and Fitbit will promote new games, contests and future insurance offerings
  • CakeHealth, the ‘Mint’ for the Healhcare space (I got to meet the founder, Rebecca to learn more at this event)
  • CareZone, a CRM for caregivers to manage their patients from one location (founded by John Schwartz former CEO of Sun)


One trend you’ll see from Altimeter over the next few quarters is a focus on the Dynamic Customer Journey, which looks at how channels (mobile, web, tv), media types (POE), and sources of data (who they get their info from) are all starting to converge, more on that coming soon. I’d like to thank my colleague Zak Kirchner for his research prowess in finding many of these class a examples. Thanks to John Kreicbergs at Meers the host of The Digital Blue conference, for inviting me to speak and allowing these slides to be shared. Also, see Shel Israel’s take on Open Forum on how startups are disrupting the Healthcare space

Join Altimeter Group at SXSW 2012


Left: Downtown Austin, 2007

Will you be at SXSW this year? This year, we’ll have another cadre of Industry Analysts there, please join me and my colleagues in learning, sharing, and networking at this annual festival.

I’m excited to return for my 5th interactive festival and it’s been fascinating to watch it grow and change to now include many business folks.

Altimeter Industry Analysts at SXSW, 2012

Calendar: Let’s Connect!  


  • Blogger Lounge, Daily: The Altimeter Group will assemble when available at meet folks at the blogger lounge, in part sponsored by Brian Solis in the conference.




  • Syncapse event, speech by Rebecca Lieb, Sat 12:30 Rebecca will be sharing her insights on content, future of media, and more at this sponsored event hosted by Syncapse.
  • Book signing, Rebecca Lieb, Sat 2pm Rebecca will be signing her latest book Content Marketing at 2 Sat: Austin Convention Center in foyer of Ballroom G.



Where will you be? Leave comments on the top panels and events where the Altimeter community can meetup, learn, and network. Looking forward to a great SXSW, get those boots on, stay hydrated and bring plenty of business cards.

Keynote: Social Business Workshop at Amplify, with a focus on Regulated Verticals (Video and Slides)


A few weeks ago, I had the honor of presenting at Sydney’s Amplify festival, which was hosted by AMP, one of the largest financial institutions in Australia.  I spoke three times, from workshops and keynotes.  A majority of the attendees were employees from AMP, and a sprinkling of folks from outside also attended.

What struck me as very fascinating was how this event, which was organized by Annalie Killian, was leading the charge of innovation at the firm.  I asked her title and she told me she was the “Director of Magic”, and boy did she deliver.  It’s rare to see organizations to fund innovation events as much as AMP does, but a great way to learn is to bring in outside presenters and share their vision.

You can see ALL the youtube videos, (there are four) and I’ve embedded the first one below with the accompanying slides.  For this event, I focused on friendly interaction, group exercises, over 18 examples from the regulated space, and providing pragmatic recommendations for the regulated space in this 2 hour session involving a few hundred folks.

Part 1 embedded below, see parts 2, 3, and 4, here.


Related: My long term friend Debbie Weil, who was also a presenter has shared her keynote too.