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List of Tech and Media Focused Corporate Innovation Labs


For many years, forward moving companies have been investing in innovation centers that are being used for companies to tap into new technologies, media,and devices.  I’m seeing a growing trend of companies outside of the tech space that are investing in these types of labs, and wanted to start a list that I will maintain for a period of time.  To keep things managable, here’s what I’m seeking:

List Requirements
The companies that will make this list must be within the following parameters. Feel free to leave comments of others.

  1. Corporations with over 1000 employees.
  2. Ideally, a lab with a dedicated physical location, resources and staff.
  3. A focus on technology and or media.
  4. Name, URL, and location if available.

List of Corporate Innovation Labs
Leave a comment below, and credit the contributor, see parameters listed above:

Agency and Services

Consumer Goods

Financial Services

Health, Pharma, Science


Tech, Telecom

I’ll continue to keep this list updated for a few weeks, and will make additions as they emerge in comments. Later, we will use this data for future research, you can access my prior reports on the research page on this blog (upper tab).

People on the Move in the Social Business Industry, Dec 18, 2012


Find out who’s investing in social business by tracking who got hired, the savvy will examine role, industry, title to find interpret growth in our space.

Both the submissions on this job announcement board, as well as available social media positions at corporations continue to pour in. In this continued digest of job changes, I like to salute those that continue to join the industry in roles focused on social media, see the archives, which I’ve been tracking since 2007.


People on the Move in the Social Business Industry:

  • Jason Falls joins Cafepress as company’s Vice President for digital strategy, he is quoted as having the mission to “interact more with our customers and users and feed off them so we make that experience better.”
  • Stephanie Agresta joins MSL Group as  global director and leader of social media and will help drive business growth, and will oversee the digital strategists, social and digital tools, processes and services across North America.
  • Randi Zuckerberg Joins NBC Universal’s Digital Advisory Committee, more recently, she co-produced a new reality TV show on Bravo about the tech world called Start Ups: Silicon Valley, and she is reportedly casting for a spin-off show of New York startups.
  • Jeremy Porter joins Definition 6 as Director of Unified Communications Manage social media, content marketing and influencer communications groups for the agency’s Atlanta, New York and London teams.
  • Leandro Perez joins TIBCO as Head of Global Product Marketing Develop and position tibbr product messaging, manage analyst relationships, create sales collateral, and work closely with tibbr sales and marketing on global lead generation activities.
  • Emanuele Quintarelli joins Ernst & Young as Digital Transformation Leader (Mediterranean Area) Develop and strengthen the Digital Transformation offering with a focus on Social Business, Digital Customer Experience and Multichannel Strategy
  • Christopher Penn joins SHIFT Communications as Vice President of Marketing Technologies. Chris will work with account teams to offer to clients marketing services that deliver measureable value.
  • Peter Fasano joins Social@Ogilvy as Senior Vice President and head of Social@Ogilvy, Atlanta. Fasano leads a growing team dedicated to developing and implementing social business strategies and solutions for clients.
  • Lisa Grimm joins space150 as Director, PR and Emerging Media As director of PR and emerging media at space150, Lisa’s time is devoted to building space150’s PR and marketing communications practice and developing integrated marketing strategies for clients.
  • Hillary Brown joins Blue Compass Interactive as Online Marketing Associate Brown will lead the agency’s social marketing services with core responsibilities for developing and managing client social media campaigns, online collaboration and brand growth.
  • RJ Reimers joins 7Summits as President. In his new role, previously held by 7Summits CEO Paul Stillmank, Reimers continues the company’s mission of developing and deploying innovative social business solutions and cultivating strategic client and partner relationships.
  • Joakim Nilsson joins Unified Inbox as Head of Product Marketing product positioning, branding and sales
  • Liz Gross joins Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc. as Social Media Strategist Lead social media planning, strategy, and implementation
  • Ryan Ricci joins 33 Across as VP of East Coast Sales VP of East Coast Sales

Submit a new hire:

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Why Search is Facebook’s Tailbone


Who’s sitting on something that could be valuable but is not using it?  Facebook.

Last night at the Facebook press and analyst event, I had the opportunity to meet with product managers who asked me for my take on the Facebook strategy, which I gave a number of opinions. I did tell one product manager that “Facebook’s tailbone is search, you guys are sitting on the data and it’s not doing anything”. He spit out his drink into his cup, which got the attention of the PR “handlers” resulting in a chuckle from Scoble (being more disruptive than Scoble at a press junket is a feather I’ll now finally put in my cap). Some FBers told me they’d use that phrase to drive future innovation internally, so I wanted to ink this so it can be shared.

Tailbones on humans are a reminder of a feature that’s not being used, and the same thing applies to Facebook. While the product manager reminded me that there are millions of searches done on Facebook each day, I clarified that was often for finding profiles and pages, and the odd external search feature they have. Facebook doesn’t allow regular consumers to easily search the contents of their newsfeed, and that of their friends. If you see something interesting you can bookmark the page in your browser, or hire an expensive brand monitoring company at $100k+ a year, which of course, no consumer will do. While I’m sure there are a variety of apps that can cull and organize the data of your feed and your friends, it should be a native feature.

Facebook is on track to being about a $4 billion dollar company this year, with a Market Cap of $61b but that’s still dwarfed compared to search giant, Google. To put things in perspective, Google’s revenue was nearly $38b for 2011, with a current market cap of $231b and will surely increase year to year. Facebook allowing for search tools to be used within the network could quickly disrupt this market, allowing consumers, and brands to get additional value.   The data Facebook is sitting on can easily surpass the short term memory that the Twitter search tools offers, with truncated content.

SO what could Facebook build? They’re sitting on the world’s largest set of social data of people I actually know and care about, not some distant celeb in Twitter or a famous photographer in Google+, and could derive a tool that would help me to search my friends content and even my prior archives. This social search tool would also expend beyond their current search tools, I searched for top restaurants, but it returned pages, apps, and then finally posts of people I follow who had the crude word ‘restaurant’ in it, it really doesn’t show intelligence.

To really hammer in my point, I’ve posted pictures of my Facebook visit last night on Google+ as it will be easier to find in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and any other search engine that evolves.  Facebook is sitting on a trove of social data that hasn’t fully surfaced, they’ve an opportunity to evolve and truly be a dominant force in finding content –not just served on a newsfeed.

When Facebook launches a worthy search tool, it could be a strong contender in the search wars, evolve that tailbone.

FBI Focuses on Social, Business, and High Tech


Apple WorldLeft: I visited the SF Federal building, in rainy December

The purpose of this post is to bridge the tech leaders in corporations (the focus of this blog) with tangential organizations with similar missions.

Yesterday, I had the unique opportunity to visit the FBI in their San Francisco office to learn about the organization in an unclassified briefing. Many of the Web Strategy readers attracts both business savvy and tech skilled talent, who may want to learn how it applies to their existing jobs, the business they work at, and even potential careers.

The old days of G-man combatting pin stripped tommy gun toting gangsters has moved on, today’s investigations thwart terrorist attacks, foreign espionage, and a myriad of cyber attacks both domestic and foreign.  Here’s three things I learned on how technology and business are key to the mission of the FBI:

  • FBI uses many technologies, including Social Networks. I posed questions about how they used technology both in crime fighting and defense, but also for outreach to their own communities. They’re currently using social channels to share the major milestones in investigations and told me they have unsurprisingly direct relationships with Facebook and Twitter. While they were not explicit on the scope of the relationship, I would assume they’ve ability to obtain data in the terms of a specific investigation (mashable has more), however they did disclose they do not have “files” on every single citizen, as focus is on individuals who are criminals, and most Americans, are not (edit). My further tech questions didn’t get a lot of answers, which is appropriate to protect their investigative methods.
  • FBI is actively recruiting experienced business and high tech professionals. The FBI applicant washout rate is high: while 60,000 apply online about a mere 400 make it to final stages to be one of the elite 36,000 FBI members. Many don’t pass the background checks (drugs, excessive debt). They did reflect that they are seeking individuals with high tech backgrounds, multi-lingual capability, advanced degrees, or veterans from other branches, although they gave an example of one successful agent who’s background is being a piano teacher. While a majority of FBI employees tend to be lifetime members, applicants are expected to have real world experience, and the average age of recruitment was early 30s.  Applicants are expected to apply under one of Special Agent Entry Programs, two in particular are: Accounting and Computer Science/Information Technology.
  • FBI is reaching out to corporations on topics of cybercrime defense.  A great deal of crimes that fall within the FBI’s jurisdiction are white collar, and the FBI is actively working with corporations.  The FBI also shared they’re working actively to educate corporations on cyber crime/terrorism, and are conducting outreaches, briefings, and visits to work closely with business. They’ve recently graduated computer scientists into the FBI program, in part to combat cyber terrorists. For example, I learned that there are a number of offices in Silicon Valley, including in Palo Alto and Menlo Park.  Reach out to your local branch to learn more about how a business can get educated on their Community Relations Executive Seminar Training (CREST).

Thank you to the FBI for granting me time to keep me informed for my research, love to hear from others in the comments on what they see other government orgs (and globally) on their usage of business skills and high technology, Altimeter will continue to look at how technologies impact orgs, including research from my colleague Alan Webber.  For grins, I was booked and put on the lineup in the actual prisoner processing center, along with the obligatory mug shot, which I promptly sent to my mother.

Update Dec 6: I made three edits based on additional information provided by the FBI via email, number of applicants who make program, updated which Americans have files on them, added info on their recent cyber terror graduates, and the CREST program.