Brian Solis Joins Altimeter Group

We’re very pleased that Brian Solis joins the Altimeter Group as a Principle focused on business strategy, training, change management, metrics. Read Brian’s post, Flying to a Higher Altitude with Altimeter Group. I’ve known Brian in the social business (it wasn’t called that, backthen) space now since 2006, in fact he came to an event I hosted at Hitachi, way back in 2006. Since then, we’ve become fast friends, our families dine together, and we’re physical neighbors in silicon valley just a few minutes away. Aside from being a long term friend, I’ve come to respect Brian for his immense raw energy and ability to communicate to thousands, if not millions of people using a variety of tools in new … Continue readingBrian Solis Joins Altimeter Group

Altimeter Group: We’re Growing

Left: View of our spacious headquarters, The Hangar, in San Mateo. We’re poised and ready for more growth. To meet the demand of our clients and new clients, Altimeter Group is continuing to hire since we formed up a firm in August, 2009. We have three new analyst positions open, read Charlene’s post for a greater perspective. Business Intelligence Industry Analyst: The insight garnered from business intelligence is moving away from being the domain of a few experts and into the hands people who can put the analytics to work, thanks to the emergence of more powerful, easier to use BI tools. The result: companies who can harness the power of analytics throughout the organization will have a significant advantage over … Continue readingAltimeter Group: We’re Growing

Data: How Corporate Social Strategists Use Slideshare

My career mission since I launched this blog several years ago when I was running social at Hitachi (Shel Israel is writing a book about the early days) is to focus on how companies use web technologies to connect with customers. Aligned with my mission, Altimeter’s Nov report on the “Career Path of the Social Strategist” has spread far and wide, and the definition for the list of the Corporate Strategists on the buyer side in 2011 (If you want to see who has buying influence). As a result, good friend of mine Marshall Kirkpatrick top editor of Read Write Web, conducted analysis to find out how these buyers are using Twitter. Ross Mayfield, who recently joined Slideshare, has now … Continue readingData: How Corporate Social Strategists Use Slideshare

People on the Move in the Social Business Industry: March 1, 2011

The hires in the social business space continue to heat up, in fact the market research data (read the report) shows that hiring is the top spend in 2011. Expect there to be more hires over coming quarters. Both the submissions on this job announcement board, as well as available social media positions at corporations continue to pour in. In this continued digest of job changes, I like to salute those that continue to join the industry in roles focused on social media, see the archives, which I’ve been tracking since Q4, 2007. People on the Move in the Social Business Industry Please congratulate these folks, in our last On The Move of the year. Thanks to Peter Kim for shouting … Continue readingPeople on the Move in the Social Business Industry: March 1, 2011