Expand Your Social Media Mix: Twitter Alone is Not Enough

If you’re using Micromedia (Shish Kabob) tools as your primary tool for thought leadership, then your efforts are out of balance. Add longer lasting, higher impact, larger form content now (Steak) content to your mix now. Your Mix Is Unbalanced: Twitter’s Limited Features are Overloaded. I’m seeing an unbalance in how individuals are trying to get the word out, and an excess focus on micro tools, resulting in some bad behaviors. [Unlike Facebook’s intelligent sorting of news items, Twitter is at risk as users are rewarded to publish frequently in order to stay top of mind] In an effort to publish “Shish-Kabob”, brands and individuals have forgotten about “Steaks”. There’s been a change in media consumption.  We consume smaller bits … Continue readingExpand Your Social Media Mix: Twitter Alone is Not Enough

Social Business: It’s like the Internet in 1997

Although Naked Conversations (2006) and Groundswell (2008) were published a few short years ago, it feels like the case studies took place eons ago. The case studies in these books echo what early companies have done to move the needle forward from Dell Hell to Dell Swell, Lego product innovation, Microsoft evangelist blogs and beyond . Yet fast forward to 2011, it’s still amazing to realize that social business (formerly called social media marketing, formerly called social media, formerly called citizen media, formerly called business blogging) is still very young. How young? Well, in our Nov 2010 report on the Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist, we surveyed 140 enterprise-class corporations and found out that the largest segment of … Continue readingSocial Business: It’s like the Internet in 1997

Webinar Recording: Rise of Social Commerce (with Slides and Report)

Last quarter, Altimeter hosted a conference on The Rise of Social Commerce, in which we release a research report based on interviewing dozens of companies who are integrating ecommerce with social media. This post has three embedded components: 1) The recorded webcast from a few weeks back that contains many of the examples of how companies are integrating –as well as how they have to change their internal structure. 2) The associated slides, which you can download from Slideshare, 3) The report that has the four phases and deeper data points for those that need to dig in. If you’ve any questions, feel free to leave a comment so our lead analyst Lora Cecere (who stems from supply chain) can … Continue readingWebinar Recording: Rise of Social Commerce (with Slides and Report)

Klout for Business: A Useful Metric –but an Incomplete View of Your Customer

Special Treatment of Select Customers Isn’t Anything New Just as companies have been treating wealthy customers, or customers who are more likely to spend more with preferential treatment, there’s no surprise that some companies plan to segment customers based by influence.  As more consumer data appears in social media channels, relying on influence metrics like Twitter followers to blog readers will help companies identify those that can hurt or help the brand on a grander scale.  As a result, companies naturally will seek a standard measurement for measuring influence. Businesses are Relying on Easy-to-Understand Klout for Finding and Prioritizing the ‘Elite’ Klout, is starting to integrate into many digital touchpoints.  From hotels in Vegas offering special services to those with … Continue readingKlout for Business: A Useful Metric –but an Incomplete View of Your Customer

Zipcast: Beyond Social, Disruptive Technologies to Watch

There’s more to disruptive technologies than social to watch. In fact, we’re exploring a variety of new disruptive technologies, to see how they impact business, culture, and customer relationships. Slideshare has released ‘Zipcast’ a no-download video+slides technology that allows anyone to give a ‘keynote’ speech to an online audience in real time. Due to travel schedule, I was unable to produce my own, but Altimeter’s Charlene Li presented her viewpoints on disruptive technologies to watch –and those to ignore. Listen in below or go right for the slides. Charlene Li's First Zipcast: Disruptive Technology Outlook 2011 View more videos from Ross Mayfield. Now, back to you: What disruptive technologies should we be exploring in our research agenda?

Strategy: Five Steps to Achieve ‘Escape Velocity’ –and Finally Stay out of the Social Media ‘Help Desk’

Our November Report on the Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist (it helps to have read that first) yielded some surprising findings: these business decision makers are struggling to scale to meet the growing demands of customers and internal business units –while maintaining a very lean team. One stark reality we learned about the compounding demands is that Corporate Social Strategists are now realizing that they cannot scale: in fact every time we respond to customer complaints in social channels we reinforce that they can get our attention by ‘yelling at their friends’ in public. They have no choice but to quickly develop scalable business programs, which we call “Escape Velocity” or be rendered in a role that is … Continue readingStrategy: Five Steps to Achieve ‘Escape Velocity’ –and Finally Stay out of the Social Media ‘Help Desk’