Video: Highlevel of the Five Eras of the Future of the Social Web

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Thanks to Blake Cahill from Visible Technologies for spending 6 minutes to interview me on the highlights of the social web. I’m on heavy travel now presenting this research to brands, conferences (I’m at Calgary’s Web Strategy Summit right now) and head to Amsterdam next week. I’ll be at Portland’s Internet Strategy Forum Summit on July 23rd, hope to see you there.

If you haven’t figured it out, the Five Eras of the Social Web are a roadmap that you should factor into your product roadmap (vendor side) and social strategy (brand side) You should have already dove into the era of social relationships, experimenting with era of social functionality, and thinking about the coming era of Social Colonization.

Want to learn more? Media Post has done a great summary, as well as CRM Magazine. Here’s the post that kicked it off, and a subsequent post showing examples of the five eras, thanks Blake

Update: I’ll be presenting this research at the CNS Conference in Amsterdam next week, and at LinkedIn, and likely Microsoft.