What Brands Want From A Twitter Client

After chatting with Loic today of Seesmic, we discussed what brands may want from Twitter.  It’s true, I’m getting more client calls from the world’s top brands about how to use tools like Twitter as a collective team. Based upon my discussions with them, here’s what I see are some key needs in: What Brands Want In a Twitter Client: Listening: Ability to quickly scan what is being said about the brand, products, services, employees and competitors. Although difficult expect sentiment tools to appear that help brands with thousands of mentions manage the discussion. Ability to understand who is saying what, and understand their influence. Management: Manage multiple accounts (Dell has about 35 seperate accounts) from a central team. Enable … Continue readingWhat Brands Want From A Twitter Client

Video: The Future of Facebook, an Interview on Bloomberg TV

Left: To watch this 5 minute video, click on image, then click on “Video” tab then the “Watch” icon. This week, Facebook raised $200 million injection of capital from a relatively unknown Russian investor Digital Sky Technologies (DST), which has a few related properties. This investment is an exchange for preferred stock, representing a 1.96 percent equity stake at a $10 billion valuation, according to a Facebook press release. I often get asked how Facebook could monetize, my take is that they are first focused on global growth they have aprox 200 million registered users (keep in mind that’s not the same as active) and need to perhaps double that amount to reach the population of larger websites (stats here). … Continue readingVideo: The Future of Facebook, an Interview on Bloomberg TV

People on the Move in the Social Media Industry: May 30, 2009

Submissions for On the Move have reduced since the global recession. I’ve started this series (see archives) to recognize and congratulate folks who get promoted or accept new exciting positions. Please help me congratulate the following folks: Bob Pearson who used to head Dell’s social media activities joins President, Blog Council & SVP, Communities at GasPedal, becomes a Partner at Common Sense Media Group. I spoke to Adam Weinroth former Marketing head at Pluck, who has relocated from Austin and is now in L.A. heading marketing for parent company Demand Media. Find Adam on Twitter Clint Schaff is now the New Media Director at Roll International after working in it’s in-house advertising agency Fire Station Agency, you can find Clint … Continue readingPeople on the Move in the Social Media Industry: May 30, 2009

As Social Technologies Become Pervasive, Prepare Your Company

When I started this job a year and a half ago, my coverage was simply over social networks and community platform vendors. On occasion I would speak to brand monitoring companies, and of course pure play social media sites (blogging software, microblogging, etc) But now, I spend talking to companies from a variety of spaces as social technologies creep into their space. It’s increasingly difficult to monitor as it spreads, but expected as the era of social colonization takes hold.  Social technologies become pervasive and spread throughout the entire company. Vendors that are currently ramping into the social space: CMS vendors are gearing up and offering social features, much to the chagrin of the community platform players. Customer support departments … Continue readingAs Social Technologies Become Pervasive, Prepare Your Company

Google Wave To Bring Web 2.0 Lifestyle to Work

In the spirit of collaboration (like Google Wave), I’ve obtained insight from Forrester analyst colleagues Ray Wang and Rob Koplowitz. Update: I just chatted with colleague Ted Schadler who also posted his thoughts: Google Wave: Surfing The Future Of Collaboration. Google launches a Collaboration Platform Google announced the Wave product, a next generation collaboration platform yesterday at their developer conference, in hopes of getting third parties to build modules on it, the product won’t be released till later this year. I just spend over an hour watching the Google Wave video, don’t bother watching it,  as I’ll summarize. Essentially, Google wows a room full of developers (aka clapping technoheads) at their conference and win them over for 30 minutes of collaboration … Continue readingGoogle Wave To Bring Web 2.0 Lifestyle to Work

Social Colonization on the Web Strategy Blog with Facebook Connect

Thanks to Mitch, my web designer, we’ve added the ability for you to login using your Facebook account and leave comments with your verified ID. This means in the comments you don’t have to fill out the usual “name, email, URL” in the comments (otherwise known as the irrelevant web form), and if you’re already logged into Facebook it’s two click connect: one to say you want to connect with FB, the second to confirm the action. Once in a while, I get spam, off topic, or an anonymous nasty comment, and it manually requires me to remove it. In the future, I can rely on verified IDs which can reduce this. We can basically rely on the identify confirming … Continue readingSocial Colonization on the Web Strategy Blog with Facebook Connect