Fail Fast

I screw up a lot, always have, always will, but what matters is what I do next. My first presentation to a Forrester client was a total F-up. I’m not new to speaking, but presenting in the Forrester style requires a specific style, and as trained speakers, clients pay a lot of money and expect very polished ‘performance’. Here’s what happened: I was out in NY, and I wasn’t fully prepared, I’d only done a half-ass job of rehearsing the presentation. I had the wrong date typed on the opening slide, and the client saw it. Also, I was giving covering for a colleague and doing her speech, therefore emulating her style, and not doing my own thing. Apparently, the … Continue readingFail Fast

Social Software: Here Come The CMS Vendors

I’m in the unique position that I get to speak to enterprise brands, white label vendors, and now CMS vendors on a regular basis, here’s what I’m seeing: It’s now quarter 3, and I start research on the big report, the Forrester Wave (learn about the reports) on the Community Platforms (White Label Social Networks) the Vendor Catalog of this space will be published for clients in the coming days. The process, which has been completed for many other markets, is detailed, granular, and will take me over 10 weeks to complete. The results will yield a report that indicate the strength and weaknesses of those vendors for enterprise class interactive marketers. [Trend watch: Enterprise CMS Vendors to enter the … Continue readingSocial Software: Here Come The CMS Vendors

Six Social Media Lists to Watch

I create many lists, have been doing this since I started this blog. Why? It helps me to keep track of the industry I’m covering, I can watch it grow, and it’s a reference I can quickly pull up and demonstrate to others who’s doing what well –and wrong. If you’re in the Finance, Auto, or Insurance industry (or one of your clients is), I recommend forwarding those links to your colleagues, so you can quickly assess the competitive landscape. If you’re leading the charge at your company, show the list of full time social media folks to the key decision makers. The following six lists have been growing, or show remarkable traction, I wanted to call them out since … Continue readingSix Social Media Lists to Watch

The Future of the Corporate Website involves People

A few days ago, I ran a contest for two winners to receive free tickets to the Internet Strategy Forum Summit in Portland. The winning responses, based on insight, ability to back up their predictions and being succinct were Christopher Smith and Kristie. I’ve selected the two winners, here’s their submissions: Kristie Connor, a Marketing Consultant, submits on the concept of ‘fluidity’. I like this concept as the corporate website won’t be the only container of brand and product content but also this content will spread to wherever the conversations flow on the web: Social networks, blogs, friendfeed and wherever else. She writes the following: “Corporate websites of the future will be less about canned content and more about fluidity. … Continue readingThe Future of the Corporate Website involves People

Silicon Valley Sightings: Half Moon Bay, the Beach in the Backyard

Above: I spent Saturday on San Gregario beach in Half Moon Bay, just a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of busy Silicon Valley, pics from mobile phone. While only 30 minutes from companies like Siebel, Oracle, NetSuite, and Visa in San Mateo, Half Moon bay is a world apart. A short 12 mile jaunt westbound on 92 will take you over the reservoir, which coincidently is in the shape of the fault line (an aerial view indicates it is the fault line) and over the San Mateo hills. You’ll immediately notice a temperature drop and increase in the humid, salt, air as you drive through the eucelpyous groves. In the fall, you’ll see the magic of the pumpkin … Continue readingSilicon Valley Sightings: Half Moon Bay, the Beach in the Backyard

Another Job Hire from reading this blog

Previously, we heard that Andrew read this blog and got a job, now more success stories that people are connecting –and getting jobs from reading the web strategy blog, this is great news. I’ve been given permission to publish this email from Jonathan: Hi Jeremiah, Thanks for your DM. It would be my pleasure to share my story… one of your tweets (almost two months ago) mentioned your job feed on your site. Feeling quite unsettled in my current position, I click and found what looked to be a perfect job. I fired off my resume and received a call the next day from the hiring manager. After a series of calls and an intense day of interviews, I received … Continue readingAnother Job Hire from reading this blog