Forrester Underway to Catalog the White Label Social Networking Space

As an analyst at Forrester focused on Social Computing, I’m creating an online catalog for clients that lists out the many players in the White Label Social Networking space, a market I’ve been covering before I even joined the company.

If you work at one of these 100 White Label Social Networking sites (a social network that any company can rebrand) then you’ll want to be included in this catalog. Later, this catalog will help me determine the vendors that will be involved in the Forrester Wave document, which will segment out vendors by strengths.

If you want to participate in this Vendor Catalog, follow these steps:

1) Email Scott Wright swright at (Update: Please send to Sarah Glass sglass at your request: Subject line should be “VPC”
2) He’ll send you instructions, and you can then fill out the short excel sheet.
3) Return it to us by June 4th

If you know someone who works at one of these companies, please forward this post over to them, thanks. I’ve emailed those that I have on hand, but that’s clearly not the entire list.

Update, May 31: Important note about privacy.
Many vendors have expressed concern about how revenue numbers will be used, as many are private companies. The final report will show “price brands” such as 1-5 million, or 6-10 million, just as examples.

It’s important that we place you into these buckets so buyers will know which vendor matches to their particular need. We will use your specific revenue numbers for internal research purposes only, and not publish or share outside of our company. If you still have questions email me at jowyang at

Update June 10th

A few days ago, I announced the call for White Label Social Networking vendors (I cover the social networking space at Forrester, for the Interactive Marketer) to complete a spreadsheet and send back to me. Thank you all for completing it, the following companies will be in the Vendor Catalog (A report for Forrester clients):

I used to have a list of vendors who submitted to the report, instead, you can now access the report directly on the Forrester site, or read my background info on my blog.

Of course, each of those vendors who submitted will receive a copy of the report, which will be published in late June 08 or sooner.

If you didn’t submit in time, you’ll have a chance to apply for the vendor catalog, watch this post, and my blog for details.