Love the Weekly Social Networking Digest? Here’s the Feed

The raves are coming in, the community likes the weekly social networking digest I put out every Wednesday. What is it? A fast summary of what you need to know about the space. Here’s all the recent ones. Organized, prioritized and succinct it delivers the details of this industry that you may need to know about…and what I’m covering as an analyst. If you’re working at a company in this space, this is a good way to get into my head and poke around.

If you’re a mediasnacker, and just want this weekly digest without the rest of my blog, (although I wish you’d subscribe to the whole thing, I realize it’s a lot to consume for the busy person)

Subscribe to the Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Industry

Thank Amyloo for the feed URL, she let me know that one of the default features (a hidden easter egg, really) is that wonderful WordPress can provide a feed for ANY category or tag. How? you just add “feed” at the end of the URL of the page that renders all the tags/categories.

What’s another way to get snackbytes from me? you can find me on Twitter (I’ll add you back), which has become a chat room, and I often link out to what I’m reading in near-real time with commentary. Don’t like Twitter? you may side with David, who I just had this podcast debate with.

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