Vidfest spurs Vancouver’s Digital Film Industry to Mix with Social Media

There was a unique intersection of Social Media and Digital Film creators at Vancouver’s Digital Film conference called VidFest.

I was one of the panelists discussion online identity, where the worlds of Facebook, Online Video and Second Life mixed and mashed, it was great fun, Megan Cole (who takes meaningful photos) did a fantastic job moderating. I really found the debate panel on the Web 2.0 Democracy or Mob Mentality, Andrew Keen the author of Cult of the Amateur made some very valid points, despite his pessimistic attitude. Thanks to Kelly Verchere for all her organization, and Lynda Brown for putting it all together.

There was an unique intersection between the film industry present, and another crew from the social media side, like myself and Bill Claxton (great writeup) from Singapore. There will be a merger between how films are created and then distributed using social media tools like Blip, YouTube then on top of ‘carrier’ websites like social networking sites and blogs. The movie theater or TV is no longer the only ways to consume content.

[The future of online Video will be created using digital tools, often with the audience, shared and spread in a distributed manner, accessed on demand, and shorter, faster, niched content]

I was really impressed by the movie showings of Infest Wisely, a film created by multiple directors around the topic of Nano Technology and then Sanctuary, a kind of Buffy meets Vampire hunters, these are films created using digital tools, and released for the web only. If you’re a sci-fi fan, like me, it’s worth checking out.

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