What’s in your bag: Web Strategist Edition

I don’t need a TV truck, radio station, or printing press to reach thousands of people, and neither do you. The Mobile Media Platform In my current role at PodTech, much of my job was to be out in the field where the people are, and use social media to demonstrate how PodTech could deliver to clients. The tactic? I was a walking media platform, and at any time, anywhere, I could publish text, video, audio, or pictures to thousands of people within minutes. I could break news, live stream events, live blog, twitter from my mobile phone, send emails to the influentials, kick start conversations or most importantly, just listen to the network. Over my time at PodTech, I … Continue readingWhat’s in your bag: Web Strategist Edition

Top Discussions in the Web Strategy Community

Community is important, it means the needs and output of the many are greater than the few. One of the hardest things for companies is learning how to kick-starting a community, just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. A few weeks ago I kick started the Web Strategy Group in Facebook, it’s an extension to this blog, but the difference is the topics and lead by the community –not some boring top-down blogger. [Unlike other Facebook groups, the Web Strategy Group has active discussions among those who make decisions for the modern website] Unlike other dead groups in Facebook, the Web Strategy Group, is filled with conversations, discussions, debates and sharing. It was important to me that it … Continue readingTop Discussions in the Web Strategy Community

Facebook to rank applications by Interaction –not Engagement

Facebook announced that it will be ranking it’s applications not by total number of users, but by engagement. Certainly an evolutionary step forward. Early on, I was trying to define the formula of engagement, so I’ve got a pretty good sense of what it is and what it’s not. Venture Beat covered the story, but I think they got the attributes mixed up between attention and interaction. [Facebook is confusing Engagement with Interaction, which is a completely different attribute to measure behavior, our industry needs to come to agreement on terms] Facebook isn’t really measuring Engagement, they’re measuring Interaction. The four attributes they mentioned are elements of a user interacting with the site: These touch points are: – Canvas Page … Continue readingFacebook to rank applications by Interaction –not Engagement

Web Strategy Show: Need to Freshen your Stock Image Portfolio?

Imagery tied to a brand will still remain important to the corporate marketer, Is your irrelevant corporate website needing a refresh of it’s marketing images? Lucky Oliver uses pro-amateurs to fuel their image library, where they explain it’s about building a concept or image. Recently zooomr has entered the pay-for-image, but it’s suggested that Lucky Oliver has rights and prosumer quality unlike public sites.

Forrester Conference: Will answer how Consumers are impacted by Social Media, Chicago, Oct 11-12

I was impressed with a recent Forrester workshop held in SF, so impressed, that I’ve now decided to join the Forrester team. Forrester is going to host the Consumer Forum in Chicago on Oct 11-12th. I’ll be in training at Cambridge (HQ) for three weeks, but I’ll be flying out to Chicago to attend this conference. Here’s the high level summary: “Fueled by cheap devices and pervasive access, individuals are increasingly taking cues from one another rather than from institutions — a phenomenon that creates chaos for traditional brands, sellers, and media outlets. Evidence of this new social structure is everywhere; for example, only 53% of consumers in 2006 believed that ads were a good way to learn about new … Continue readingForrester Conference: Will answer how Consumers are impacted by Social Media, Chicago, Oct 11-12

Want waves? drop a pebble

Media is getting smaller, faster, and more connected, I’m seeing this through the adoption of MicroMedia, niche communities, and intimate conversations with smaller groups of folks. Savvy communicators will realize that using the small “pebble” will cause a ripple effect out to other networks. The less savvy will come with the fleet, causing disruptive waves. Be sure to understand the different adoption personas: The Pebble, Swimmer, Surfer, Boater, or Fleet. Those close to the epicenter can drop a pebble and watch it ripple out to the others. When I announced my job change on Monday, I did it in Twitter, I left a series of messages explaining my intent, I saw the replies come back by the dozens. I answered … Continue readingWant waves? drop a pebble