Get connected with Web Strategy: How to find more online

Ted Tom Conrad of Pandora (a website I’m a big fan of and needs our support right now) told me today at the CommunityNext conference here in Sunnyvale that I’m one of the people he feels he knows really well because of how much I share on Twitter. I could be considered a spammer, but he can unsubscribe anytime he wants, so I’m not worried about it.

Lane Becker (who’s launching Get Satisfaction) told me that he’s subscribed to my shared feed but not my blog feed, I suggested the content may be better than my blog feed.

Here’s a few ways you can subscribe to Web Strategy:

  • My blog feed
  • My Shared Feed XML or Shared Feed HTML (I’ll suggest recommended reading from my Google Reader)
  • My Twitter
  • My Facebook (If you add me, I’ll reciprocate, as long as you’re not being devious, or search for me “Jeremiah Owyang”)
  • Web Strategy Video Show: I interview web decision makers
  • Why do I use all these tools? Partly it’s R&D so my clients will know how to use these tools, I try to make mistakes so they don’t ahve to.