Web 2.0 in Singapore

I just got back from a bbq with quite a few famous bloggers in Silicon Valley, in fact it was at Maryam’s house, and it was her birthday. Happy Birthday! During some of the bbq, some of us were talking about Singapore and how we’re seeing this as a great place to visit and how I see it as a new testing ground for many web 2.0 companies to sprout. I’ve met so many people from Silicon Valley that have been to Singapore, from Shel Israel to Lisa Stone. Kevin Lim is reporting in from his “Web 2.0 in South East Asia” panel @ Microsoft ReMIX 2007“, it’s worth a read if you’re watching the web industry in South East … Continue readingWeb 2.0 in Singapore

Keeping track of the Pownce Reviews

I’m going to keep track of all the reviews in this “clip report” of Pownce, it’s a competitor to Twitter and Jaiku. Let’s see how it performs, and maybe it will shape my interest level: In Favor Mashable: Pownce: Against All Odds, Pownce Blew Us Away Allen Stern of Center Networks: Pownce – it’s pretty freakin’ sweet! Rafe Needleman of CNET: First look at Pownce Robert Scoble: Another Twitter competitor — want an invite? Ryan Stewart of CNET: Pownce using AIR (and I’ve got invites) Mapping the Web: Pownce Is The Next Big Thing Kent Newsome: Pownce: Initial Thoughts and Invites to Give Download Squad: Up close and personal with Pownce We Break Stuff: A few thoughts on Pownce The … Continue readingKeeping track of the Pownce Reviews

Social Network usage by Country

Nick Denton at Valleywag has some an excellent resource of which social networks are dominant in which country. Sadly, the map doesn’t have China, the largest population on the planet. Although a bit dated, Read Write Web has a list of the top Chinese websites (be sure to click on the other countries listed). When in Singapore last week, I asked some of the top bloggers what they thought were the top websites in Asia.

Delta Airlines has not reacted to citizen media, and hasn’t apologized

I was really hoping that Delta Airlines (newsroom) would apologize after this week’s citizen video raging appearing on YouTube, and the blogosphere. I’ve gone to their website nearly everyday, and have not seen any apology or retribution for the delayed and miserable customers. CC Chapman had a horrible experience in the past, I wonder if anyone apologized to him? What would be an appropriate way to respond? If Delta was my client, I would use similar media to “fight fire with fire”. I’d have a senior executive give a sincere apology and offer the customers a free round trip ticket for their pains. Maybe a live Ustream that allowed a few of the customers to ask questions, and then have … Continue readingDelta Airlines has not reacted to citizen media, and hasn’t apologized

Is the iPhone that gratifying? (and some revenue analysis of Apple and AT&T)

I the iPhone that appealing? Here’s some images of folks that just got theirs. For some it was like winning the lottery. Apple employees were clapping and congratulating users, some folks were more interested in their iPhones than meeting the real Steve Jobs. The experience watching others get theirs was amazing, it was certainly a media frenzy. Everyone was trying to get their brand into the moment, and everything that was happening was mirroring online in mere minutes or seconds. Real time media is being created not just be the large TV station trucks, but also by the participants themselves. I usually post more meaningful posts regarding the web, but the sheer amount of events this week has thrown me … Continue readingIs the iPhone that gratifying? (and some revenue analysis of Apple and AT&T)