Web Usage: 1/3rd of Internet Users in US use Wireless

Pew Reports that the ubiquity of the Internet continues to grow as Internet users continue to adopt wireless access:

“34% of internet users have logged on with a wireless internet connection either at home, at work, or someplace else.”

Of those above, the report indicates that most usage is checking news, and using email. The trust or adoption of accesing the internet not just at home (the coffee shop perhaps?) increases:

“27% of adult internet users have logged onto the internet using a wireless device at some place other than their home or place of employment.”

As this continues forward, more individuals will not be bound by physical boundaries or cables at home or work to access information about weather, traffic, stocks, email. All sorts of interesting targeted information will continue to be focused to pinpoint and triangulate information for individuals.

For the web strategist, one must consider the value of developing for WAP vs mobile that can handle more data, as well as starting to think about contextual, location based advertising or marketing. I’ve been getting some reports in via email and word-of-mouth of several companies working on just this.

To read the full report access Pew’s Internet Access Report (PDF).