150 Top Marketing Blogs

Todd added me to his interesting list of Top Marketing Blogs, (150 to be exact). He uses a combination of Technorati, Bloglines Subscriptions, Google Page Ranks, and of course his editorial subjective opinion, read his thoughts on the analysis. Great Resource there Todd, I read many of the blogs on there, fantastic list of thought and practice leaders.

Understanding Cyberbullying, a primer for Parents

I’m not a parent, but Cyberbullying has been talked about very heavily this week. Wendall Davis of Symantec (one of PodTech’s customers) has a very informative podcast on what is Cyberbullying including some important facts on what consumers, parents and event companies should do to prepare for this. They suggest you check out their family resource website.

Upcoming Conferences, will you be there?

I’ve quite a few conferences that I’ll be speaking at, here’s what’s coming up. Please leave a comment if you’ll be at any of these. I’ll be at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, from April 17-18th I’ll be on two panels, one which i’ll be moderating Scoble, Pirillo and Thomas Hawk on Social Media for Startups. I’m thinking of doing something unique with this panel, and make it more of a shortened version, so that all the answers are short and brief, perhaps something like a ‘Twanel’ I’ll also be on a second panel with Lionel of Dell and Scott Hirsch regarding Online communities, I hope you attend that as well. The week after, I’ll be running around … Continue readingUpcoming Conferences, will you be there?

News: PodTech and Tom Foremski, the Silicon Valley Watcher

Last night, I witnessed Tom Foremski sign papers with CEO and Founder John Furrier as a content partner. Tom is an innovator in media and as a former mainstream media guy that started his blog in the earlier days. “…In 1999 he joined the Financial Times’ San Francisco bureau fulltime to help expand the newspaper’s coverage of US technology markets and Silicon Valley. He left the Financial Times in 2004 and continues to write columns on Silicon Valley for the Financial Times, and on his personal site, SiliconValleyWatcher.com“ Welcome Tom, you’re one of the powerhouse bloggers, the following video shares the moment of signing.

ABC 7 comes to PodTech, media mixes.

Earlier this week I had Justin TV come to the office, that was an interesting real-time experience. Today, ABC 7’s David Louie comes to interview Robert Scoble and John Furrier at PodTech HQ. The subject, the hot topics of online behavior and civility. It will air tonight at 6pm on Channel 7 in the bay area. I’ll link to it if it goes online. It was pretty “meta”. As CBS walked in, we Twittered they were here, people talked about it, I took pics from camera, and posted on flickr in less than 2 minutes. They started videoing, conversations started on Twitter then on flickr. All this before the actual piece has aired on TV. when they air it, hopefully … Continue readingABC 7 comes to PodTech, media mixes.

Scrapblog gives preview to a powerful online media experience

Scrapblog just announced their next rev of their website. I had the privilege to view some of the demos of this product at the WeMedia conference in Miami recently and it is just amazing. They’ve created a 5 minute tour that shows how this user experience just blows away most web applications out there. It integrates images, scrapbook features, text, music and videos with various ways to share it within myspace, flickr, or blog. Techcrunch has this very interesting live demonstration, which I’ve also embedded below (warning: music)