About those 3am emails to the CTO…

Hu Yoshida (CTO of Hitachi Data Systems) honors me with this tremendous post, over the last year he wondered if I ever slept, as I would be sending him emails, links to important blogosphere and industry happenings.  At one point I told him I was a web geek, so we’re always online.

We as a team worked together to reach out to customers using Social Media. Hu Yoshida has humanized a monolithic storage vendor, and reaches out to customers, and partners using his blogs. Unlike some of the other vendor blogs, the comments on the HDS blogs are wide open. As long as they are on topic (much like Scoble and Shel’s family room rules) they will be posted.

Hu writes in his post, “I knew he would be moving on to greater thing” Yes, I may have gently (and sometimes forcefully) changed the course of the communication boat, but that’s because the water on the river completely changed from downstream to upstream. To this day, I worry that I disrupted the culture too much, but when customers leave comments on my blog like this, I knew it was the right thing to do.

We’ve shared quite a few experiences, Hu and I were both at Lunch 2.0 which really told the entire emerging Web Industry that Hitachi Data Systems has storage solutions, many companies said to me “I didn’t know Hitachi sold Data Storage” ya know now bud!

That same night we went to go remember the, 50th Aniv of the HardDrive at the Computer History Museum, I had learned quite a bit about the pioneers that have shaped technology to today.

I had a thank you dinner with Hu and his wife a few weeks ago, he presented me with a thoughful card and gift certificate to Best Buy, where I frequent! Just a few weeks ago, Dave Roberson the CEO of Hitachi Data Systems hosted a dinner with leaders of the emerging web indsutry I saw Hu even after my departure from HDS at a Storage 2.0 Dinner.

Thank you Hu, it was an honor to work with you, now I’m a consultant to help other great companies like Hitachi.

Building better solutions for customers using the web, wow, that’s what it’s all about, that’s Web Strategy.