Google Blog Misses the boat on Blog Marketing

I learned about Business Blogging from some of the best My earliest conversations were with early adopter and author/speaker Rebecca Blood, it followed up with meeting Shel Israel who gave me a ‘proof’ (not yet published) book Naked Conversations long before it went public, I met Robert Scoble, he and Shel coached me and my CTO at Hitachi, we stayed in touch, and I know work with him at PodTech, I spoke on a panel with Debbie Weil, author of the Corporate Blogging Book. In summary, I’ve studied business blogging to build trust and community extensively in the last year. It’s not about the tool, comments, or technology Forget the tool for a minute, It’s not about comments, nor is … Continue readingGoogle Blog Misses the boat on Blog Marketing

Web Advertisting: BMW “New Product”

BMW launches a tease flash campaign, a video that morphs and show some very vague products.  Details to be released mid January.  Stylish and engaging, this is attracting the attention. There is a surge of speculation from the Digg community ranging from pure advertising hype, partnership with Apple’s iPhone, to an aftermarket GPS MP3 player.  Bimmerforums has a thread going, keep an eye out there, forums are a great place to find a passion community.  Either way the BMW advertisers and marketers are drooling over the hype

Andy Beal’s rules of Social Media Marketing

This is interesting, Andy is known as a Search Engine Marketing Guru, but is showing some incredible knowledge in the area of Social Media Marketing, in context of relationship rules.  In fact, I would rename his article from The Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing to the Five Rules of Social Media Marketing. “Get out there. Spend time with these sites. Sign up, Use them, meet your customers, talk to your customers, and LOVE THEM.” His guidelines outline the many types of interactions that a business entity has with the market, both from self-declaration, the rules of engagement and even in-person relations. Ok Andy, we’re getting out there!

LiveLeak Videos: Bottom up Citizen Media

Liveleak is a citizen generated video site that allows users to redefine how news is created. Dependence on middle news media is no longer required, one can get video direct from the first hand witness. There’s some pretty amazing, gruesome, and shocking videos here. The most popular one is witnessing the entire execution of Saddam from a camera phone. (search at your own risk) This changes how the media landscape is being created as citizens can publish unfiltered, uncensored, content without review from a censorship. There are filters so you can select what’s appropriate to your taste level. This is yet another example of citizen media. Update: The Video has made it’s way to YouTube, Google Video, and Revver.  The … Continue readingLiveLeak Videos: Bottom up Citizen Media

Silicon Valley Sightings: SAP Labs Palo Alto

Above: SAP’s Palo Alto Labs on 3410 Hillview, Palo Alto (see Google Maps Satellite zoom in) I was fortunate to enjoy lunch with fellow Strategist (Business Strategy mind you not Web Strategy) yesterday. We discussed the long term impacts that web and social media has on business. Here’s a picture I took a while ago at the Social Media Club’s Oct 23rd event From Social Media to Corporate Media. Here’s some other pics of their incredible work cubicle environment, and some interesting art in their lobby. (I asked before taking these pics FYI) “Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, SAP Labs U.S. is the first SAP Lab established outside of Germany. The mission of SAP Labs U.S. is to leverage the … Continue readingSilicon Valley Sightings: SAP Labs Palo Alto

What! I’m Cheetah Pimp?

There’s this crazy ‘meme’ that’s going around that you are supposed to figure out what kind of Super Hero you are by asking some questions. In under 30 seconds this website does a complete super human psychological profile to determine what type of super hero you would be. This was originally started by Steve Rubel, and it’s going nutty on Techmeme. Anyways I filled it out and here’s what I got below. Honestly, I feel a little bit cheated as Andy Beal is Superman, Calacanis is Green Lantern, Dave Winer is Iron Man, Colleague Tris is Spider Man, Eric Rice is also a Lantern, and Arrington too. Your results: You are Cheetah Pimp Cheetah Pimp 20% Batman 20% Spider-Man 0% … Continue readingWhat! I’m Cheetah Pimp?