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Top Gems from the Social Media Club Today


At the close of the session, everyone went around the room and gave their opinions for the lessons learned.

  1. Mark: Employees are the greatest untapped communication resource.
  2. Jamie: Make your corporation internally aware of these tools, and make it bottom up
  3. Daniela: Pushing the corporate membrane, keep on doing it. There is no one social media, there are many different mediums to use.
  4. Getting people to let go to gain more is a challenge
  5. Robert Carrol: Letting go is hard, marketing folks don’t want to let go.
  6. Jeremy Pepper: It’s great to know that we’re not in a island, there are other social media folks.
  7. Bob: Relates to social media discussions to execs as describing Soylent Green –it’s about people
  8. Joel: John Schwartz is not a CEO blogger but a blogger that become a CEO
  9. Jeremiah: Social media is deployed by everyone, not just PR folks.
  10. Social Media can’t be controlled
  11. Tami: Feels that social media is taken full circle and is invigorating her passion for PR.
  12. Giovanni: Replace the term Social Media to a verb –Socializing Media

Craving more? Great write up from Joel.








Money continues to move away from TV to New Media


I saw this article about how NBC is reducing it’s headcount as the dollars are now shifting from TV and Movies to “New Media” which would include the Internet, Podcasting, Videoblogging.

The internet is a great medium to shift those dollars to, as it’s trackable and measuable, easy to deploy, cheap, can be highly targetted and effective, interactive, and most importantly: where the kids are and the future generations will head. Link via Bare Feed Studios

Update: Great piece from Steve Gillmore on the death of TV 

Heading to Social Media Club


I’m taking the day off work today, I gotta run some errands for my upcoming trip that I’ll be leading for my family back to our roots. Then I’ll go to the Social Media Club workshop. Several of you that read me will also be there, great!

If you’re deploying social media at your company, then you’ll want to attend events like these to learn more about HOW to deploy. Looking for a great session. If you have time, swing on by, the registration and event details are located here, I believe it’s $150 dollars and is in Palo Alto.

Thanks to Kirstie Wells and Chris for the great workshop!

The Games People Play (On Social Sites)


Interesting presentation about game theory and dynamics in social software. Here’s some games folks play online, leave a comment if you can suggest some:

  • MySpacers: How many friends do you have?
  • Flickr: How many favoriate pics/views/comments do you get
  • Bloggers:
    • Technorati rank,
    • Subscriptions,
    • Web Analytics
    • Comments
    • Techmeme placement
    • Getting dugged
  • Podcasters: Subscriptions and downloads
  • LinkedIn: How many contacts do you have
  • What are some other examples.

Have you read this book: Games People Play. Thanks Mark for the link.

Podcast interview of the IE Team, Topics generated from Community


Covering the IE Release Party
I was just discussing how we had a great time at the Microsoft IE party. Martin McKeay (Industry Security Expert, he has a career blog, security podcast series and a blog on ComputerWorld) and I had the opportunity to interview the product team and community For me as a Web Strategist/Manager, understanding the tools that vehicles and tools that users will use to access your website is important.

Community Driven Research
In an effort to represent the community we polled questions from the community on my blog and Martin’s. We asked developers, IT managers, designers, security experts and the average web user to field questions for us to ask the team. Of course, we added in a few key questions we thought would add to the conversation.

Listen to the Podcast
Big big thanks to Martin for all his pro gear and cutting the file, he’s really become a podcasting guru as I’ve gotten to know him. His notes are available here.

Questions from the Community
We weren’t able to ask all of the questions, but here’s what came from the community. Listen to the Podcast to hear all the details from the IE team. Please note that questions may have been asked in a different order depending on who we had on the show.

“Ask them why I should give up FireFox.” (IT Consultant, Dennis McDonald)

“This is one of the most talked about and questioned aspects of the browser, how is Microsoft improving security for this release? What safeguards does IE7 have in place to prevent malicious RSS feed?” (Most asked this question such as CD-Man on Martin’s blog)

“The only thing that I would question is why do all the buttons consist of unlabeled icons (as of the beta…not sure about now). It makes for a frustrating experience as the icons aren’t intuitive. It looks like they were trying to save on localization costs. Also what’s up with “shortcut” instead of hyperlink? If its a shortcut, what’s the long cut?” (Software Engineer, San Jose)

“How does IE make Microsoft money, and if it doesn’t, why does Microsoft spend so much on it? Strategy. Why are they still in the browser biz?” (Martin)

“Will IE 7 be pushed to the enterprise?” There are numerous concerns from contacts about Microsoft forcing the browser as an auto install”. (Paraphrased, Enterprise IT Strategist, Neville Byford).

“There are some major applications that are not compatible, what are the plans to correct, apparently some Groove features do not work (A Microsoft product) as a concern”. (Paraphrased, Enterprise IT, Neville Byford)

“Can IE 6 and 7 co-exist for migration, having an ‘and’ option is better than an ‘one or the other’.” Good points from a Web Developer/Design test perspective.” (Web Developer, Brian Stephens)

“With all the features coming in this release of IE7, could this be a chief feedreader player?, or could offer a host of features that could replace such social tools like delicious?” (Jeremiah)

“When is the timeline for IE8 to come out? Is Microsoft going to wait for another browser to push them again?” (Martin and Jeremiah)

“What were the lessons learned in IE7?” (Martin)

“Now with the major release, what will you do next?” (Martin)

“Ask them how they’re dealing with backward CSS compatability. For example, what about sites that use IE-only CSS hacks (universal selector, etc.) to work around bugs that are fixed in IE7, causing the hacks to mess up the layout.” (Web Designer, Meredith Dodge)

“The refresh button put back on the left side of URL bar. I’ve used IE7 for some time now and am amazed at how many sites aren’t compliant with it at this late date – what is the plan to help accelerate that process?” (Mobile Technology Thought Leader, David Dalka)

Show Notes
Thanks to all the great submissions above, we were able to record the podcast, I’ve jotted down some quick show notes. We structured the questeions determined by role. This felt very natural way to engage, bottom driven questions by the community made a lot of sense.

  • Welcome by Martin and Jeremiah
  • Gary Schare Director of Product Management
    • The browser is the most common used application, this is where the modern individual lives, Microsoft cares about this experience.
    • Will it be an application?
      • The experience is likely the webpage that they’re on, the browser helps the experience
    • Projections on IE8?
      • Too early to tell what to call it, but looking at product features now. Recognize need to analyze security,
  • Chris Wilson, Platform Architect (going forward)
    • Will call temporarily call it IE Next until a formal name is applied.
    • Security Features in IE vs Vista
    • Some features will be available in both.
    • RSS Feeds Security could be an issue
      • Sanitize the RSS feed before it hits the browser
    • What will he be focusing on in future?
      • Will be working on next version, already starting to focus.
    • What’s coming in IE next?
      • No comments yet, however openness will be important. Working with web developer
  • Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager of the IE 7 team
    • The partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft
    • Why should I switch from Firefox
      • Browsers are a personal choice, choice is important, many options for windows.
    • Questions about the IE7 Push
      • Will be available as a high security update, it’s an optional update, although the version is pre-downloaded. There is a blocker available for automatic updates.
    • Side by Side running of IE7 and IE6
      • You can run both together by using virtualization software.
    • How is IE7 working with CSS standards and compliances?
      • The most standards compliant version ever produced. See the IE7 blog to learn more.
      • Check out the web developer tool bar and online resources on the wiki on Channel 9.
    • Questions about Groove and ability to run on IE7
      • Some earlier beta versions issues, however it’s going to be resolved.
    • Questions about iconology.
      • Buttons were configured due to research
    • IE7 toolbar, compliancy issues
      • 5 betas were released over the past months, Dave personally did many Technorati searches to find compatibility issue sites. They issued a toolkit. Looked at financial services websites to do research. Community needs to help identify and educate websites to evolve to latest standards
  • Gerald Si, Chief of Staff for Chief Product Officer (Yahoo Liason)
    • Helped the IE team with the partnership.
    • The standard customization package provides two install versions around IE7 some focused on Yahoo as the homepage and a second portal select.
    • Opportunities for Yahoo, and strengths in the partnership
    • Strong partnership between Yahoo and IE for about 18 months. Many Yahoo sites are compliant with IE7.
  • John Obeto II, event guest,
    • Security and Interface is improved. It’s available at no cost. One word of caution to deselect the auto download. Favorite feature is the tabs and quicktabs. Recommend to upgrade
  • Niall Kennedy, Web Guru (Former Technorati and Microsoft Employee)
    • Upgrade Release cycle matches given consumer base
    • Niall likes the open search integration built into the chrome, search is second most thing used after email.
      • RSS chicklet will light up, folks will understand how to subscribe.
    • How does this affect your life?
    • Uses a Mac, but sees the impact for a dominant IE world.
    • Firefox 2.0 is coming next week
    • They happen to be ready, and will be adding ‘places’ in Firefox 3, and looking at Javascript upgrades. Built in spell check and tab bootup features.

At the IE 7 Release Party: Microsoft Gets Community (Photoblog)


Microsoft Hosts IE7 Product Release Party for Passion Community

Update: Listen to the IE7 Podcast Interview by Martin and I

and I we’re invited to Microsoft’s IE Release party of it’s new official browser. This long awaited browser has been in beta mode for quite some time and for Microsoft to put it’s stamp back as a feature rich browser for today’s modern web it’s certainly needed.

Martin is quite the guy, he brought his serious podcasting gear and let me sit in and use his gear to interview the IE team. (Thanks Martin) We polled the community to get questions from Enterprise IT folks, Web Developers and Designers, Software Engineers, and thought leaders that wanted to ask the product team.

Microsoft gets Community Marketing: Giving up control to gain more
I gotta give Microsoft (and Kelsey from PR firm Waggener Edstrom) a tremendous amount of credit, they really get Community Marketing. Although an alpha company with deep pockets, for them to release to bloggers and podcasters to get the word out rather than only traditional press is an example of giving to the community to gain more. The theme of ‘letting go’ of a command and control message to just having normal conversations with ‘the people’ is an example of modern companies listening and engaging to their community. Nicely done.

By the way, your company doesn’t need deep pockets to reach out to your passion customers and influencers in your industry to bring them close in an active two-way dialogue.

Podcast interview of the IE7 Product team coming soon

We promise to have the podcast up for your in the near future to share the conversations we had with the product team. As you know, we asked the community to give us questions to ask the product team.

Anatomy of Social Media product release “Microsoft Style”

Microsoft is one of the model companies when it comes to harnessing social media to build community. They’ve figured out that customers are now in charge, they’ve learned to ‘let go’ to gain more and bring the community closer. Let’s break down why I consider their style so successful: