MySpace gets it’s own TV show called “Project MyWorld”

MySpace to launch Project MyWorld which will have three girls going around the world to meet other MySpacers. Lucky folks they meet will end up on the TV show and on their MySpace page/blog/pics/video.

“This summer, three girlfriends – (that’s us, folks!) – are embarking on a journey around the world to meet the faces behind the MySpace pages. With the help of fellow MySpacers, Renee is looking for love, Shaina is looking for music, and Taryn is looking for adventure.

Romantic dates, inspirational bands, tribal rituals…we’re ready for it all – and we need you guys to help us. You want to go on a date with Renee? Does your band want to hang with Shaina and perform on the show? How about taking Taryn on a crazy adventure?

If you’ve got a great idea, visit our personal pages and respond to our personal blogs with your enquiry. Who knows? You might just make it on our show. Better yet, you might just make the Project MyWorld Top 8!” Read Blog

Like most MySpace profiles the age is set to 99 years of age, heh.