Saturday Reading with Jeremiah

Stuff I’m reading/watching this fine Saturday, not all of it is related to Web Strategy, but hey, it’s Saturday! Jeremy’s got a video of Beck Puppets, funny. Even eBay rolls out social site features, they’ve got the community, this could be a big win for them. There are over 300+ social sites. Some good some bad. How many can we have and support folks? It’s about niche communities. As many communities we can have, is the amount of social sites we can have. Legal info about taking photos. I take a lot of public photos, am I at risk? how about you? Cnet creates a second life building (looks a lot like their HQ) Holly put all her videos on … Continue readingSaturday Reading with Jeremiah

SteelPixel Web Hosting and their No-Advertising Model (Word-of-Mouth-Marketing)

Meet Josh and Chris of the Web 2.0 Show and Steel Pixel I really like Josh and Chris, they’re the hosts for the popular podcast “The Web 2.0 Show” which I’m subscribed to. I first met Josh at the Future of Web Apps conference (my day 1 and day 2 notes), I heard a familiar voice behind me. After a few hours I realized they were directly behind me. I few times I accidentally blinded them with my camera flash while I was trying to take picture of folks asking questions on the mic. If you’re a web developer, designer, or marketer in the Web 2.0 space, I highly recommend subscribing toe their show, they have quite a few interesting … Continue readingSteelPixel Web Hosting and their No-Advertising Model (Word-of-Mouth-Marketing)

Marketing Sherpa Reader’s Choice Blog & Podcasting (Add to your Feedreader)

Michael sent me this link to the Marketing Sherpa Reader’s Choice Blog & Podcasting Awards 2006 awards, very cool list. Best B-to-B Marketing Blog B2B Lead Generation Blog by Brian Carroll Best Blog on Email Marketing Chris Baggott’s Email Marketing Best Practices Best Blog on Search Marketing Search Engine Roundtable Best Blog on Advertising Adrants by Steve Hall Best Blog on Marketing to a Specific Consumer Demographic Andy Wibbels, the Original Blogging Evangelist by Andy Wibbels Best blog on Affiliate Marketing ReveNews Best Blog on the Topic of PR Active Voice by Matt “PodBoy” Best Podcast on the topic of Marketing Across the Sound by Joseph Jaffe (One of my favs) Best Blog on Small Business Marketing Duct Tape Marketing … Continue readingMarketing Sherpa Reader’s Choice Blog & Podcasting (Add to your Feedreader)

Why Alexa is not Worthless

John thinks that Alexa is worthless but it’s not. Like a survey it’s a sample of an audience, while it may not be completely accurate, there is no other tool out there that can provide measurement across all sites as we don’t have access server analytics on all websites. My former manager explained that analytics in themselves are pretty useless, they vary from one system to another. The rule is to follow and look for trends, patterns, spikes and valleys and how they tie to events on the websites or around the industry. John, while it may not be very accurate (and a bit easy to manipulate) it’s not worthless, as it’s the best we have.

Playing with features on new Camera (This is not Photoshop altered)

Taken by Shirley with the new Canon PowerShot SD700 IS ($350) This photo was not altered in photoshop, it’s a camera feature called “Color Accent” Pretty cool, once you access the settings, a small box appears on the screen which will help you to select the color (like an eyedropper feature in photoshop) Once you select that, any color in your photo that is close to that will appear in color, the rest won’t. Kind of like a ‘mask’ in photoshop. I’m amazed at how camera technology changes so fast in one year. Oh, and the 2gig memory card is only $35, sheeesh. (oh, and there are no easily available Hitachi cameras I could find) Update: This is funny, HP … Continue readingPlaying with features on new Camera (This is not Photoshop altered)

User/Citizen/Amateur/Participant/People/Consumer created content to increase by 2010

Great article User-Generated Web Content Will Grow Rapidly Through 2010 that reports the following: The size of downloads/views are estimated to eclipse 1.1 exabytes of data by 2010, with uploads growing to more than 9.1 petabytes. 23% of the dozens of UCG sites studied currently support mobile access, with others making announcements for this support in the near future. YouTube holds the highest market share for video, but MySpace has the most visitors. I heard on the Joseph Jaffe podcast that by 2010, that 50% of all media will have been created by Users. By the way, I don’t know the correct term for content created by ‘the people’ so I just said “User/Citizen/Amateur/Citizen/People/Consumer”