Video: Day of the Longtail

Saw this on YouTube, clever, funny: Video: Day of the LongTail Loved the bit about customers blogging back –they just had to throw in that ROI part huh? Yes, Customers continue to take charge.

If you’re not sure what the LongTail is, it’s a marketing/economic theory that applies to the Internet, individual consumer choices and niches, and more choices on top of choices, and more of less is going to be sold –democratization of content and goods

Respected blogger and friend David Berkowitz has written the following for Mediapost in regards to the recent book that was launched:

“To put the concept into context, consider a graph with a steep slope downward from the head of the curve on the left, descending into a seemingly endless tail pointing right that scrapes along the bottom but stubbornly refuses to hit zero. That’s the long tail, with a few blockbusters on the left and less popular offerings toward the right. Thanks in part to online marketplaces, from e-tailers stocking vast warehouses of physical merchandise (such as Amazon and eBay) to those with digital content (such as iTunes and Audible), retailers can offer almost anything without worrying about the cost of in-store shelf space, and consumers have more access to finding exactly what speaks to them.

Marketer’s need to start strategizing to provide all of these specific choices to consumers, and realize that large audiences are not always best. The future will hold that the smaller audience that really do care are the ones that may matter the most –individual relationships.

Visit Chris Anserson’s websites: The Long Tail to learn more, or a quick summary via Wikipedia.