Marriage of Internet and TV (and other devices)

Michael at Techcrunch, released a pretty kickin comparison of the online TV guide replacements, there’s quite a few sites that can extend the TV experience past the box. The paper version of TV guides are going dodo. (as with the slow demise of newspapers).

I remember a few weeks ago reading articles about Google’s upcoming ambient contextual audio feature that would enable any internal microphone on a computer or laptop to ‘listen’ to what’s being played on TV and then display contextual information on the screen. Imagining watching the Giants game and Advertisements for Giants merchandise started to appear on websites you visited.

At Webvisions I video recorded a few minutes of the future of IPTV, see the video here. A convergence of iPod, Cell phone, Video, TV, Internet, and humans is starting to come.

I know this stuff scares some people, but in order to get better content (personalized) this means you need to give up some control and information.

It also means that I will be exploring video and IPTV more in the future. I already met my goal to start uploading video on a regular basis –more news on that to come. What will be interesting is when my homegrown videos start appearing on my TV and those of my friends and family.

Self growth in this fast fast changing landscape requires commitment –I’ll do it before I have kids now! I’m also going to make a new category on my blog called IPTV.