As a professional speaker for conferences, corporate events, internal training and workshops, I’ll engage your audience and leave them with pragmatic recommendations. I am represented by APB Speakers Bureau for public conferences and more, or reach me at jeremiah at crowdcompanies.com

Above: Presenting at Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s Innovation Summit, 2014
Appearances on Bloomberg TV, conducted keynote speeches, and have been on a variety of video interviews.

My speech at a TED event, Frankfurt, 2017, “When cars become alive.”

Above Keynote: Oracle World 2014, CIO Summit, SF

Above Keynote: Step conference, Dubai, 2015

Above Keynote: Ouishare Festival in Paris, 2015

Keynote: Collaborative Economy at Supply Chain Insights, AZ

Keynote: The Collaborative Economy, 2013

Keynote: The Collaborative Economy (Long) Keynote, 2013

LeWeb Keynote, London, June 2012

6 Minute Sample Clip: Keynote at Adobe HQ “Social is a crystal ball”, San Jose (part 2 here)

Keynote: Building a Scalable Social Business at Dachis Summit, Austin

Keynote: LeWeb 2011, Paris

15 Minute Sample Clip: 2010 Social Business Forecast, Paris

Sample: Dec 2010 LeWeb Keynote, Paris, France, see slides.


Screen shot 2011-12-10 at 6.12.25 PM
Above: Building Your Social Strategy: Prioritizing the Coming Year from Bazaarvoice on Vimeo.

Keynote: Bazaarvoice Customer Conference, 2011, 60 min
Keynote/Workshop at Amplify, Sydney, June 2011, see full slides and videos, 30 min of 120 above.

Speaking Tenets

  • Engages: connects with audiences, asks questions, requests questions.
  • Authoritative: based on research and real world examples.
  • Experienced: former Forrester analyst, and practitioner at Hitachi rolling out social business program.
  • Actionable: provides pragmatic recommendations the audience can apply immediately
  • Prepared: Rehearses for each speech, works with RexiMedia as my speaker coach, and rehearse
  • Inspires: Provides audience with a larger picture of opportunities and future trends

Contact and Details
I strive to engage with your audience, be informative, and provide pragmatic recommendations.   View my profile, current speaking topics, on the Monitor Talent website.

  • For speaking engagements, contact me at jeremiah @ crowdcompanies.com
  • For your internal meetings, I’d love to discuss further, see my contact page.

Jeremiah Owyang, Partner, Altimeter Group @ LeWeb London 2012 Central Hall Westminster-0739 Jeremiah Owyang, Partner, Altimeter Group @ LeWeb London 2012 Central Hall Westminster-0752 Jeremiah Owyang, Partner, Altimeter Group @ LeWeb London 2012 Central Hall Westminster-0734
Keynote: LeWeb, London 2012
bv_london__0437_111019 bv_london__0435_111019 bv_london__0429_111019
Keynote: 600 European Attendees at Bazzarvoice, London, 2011
Jeremiah Owyang, Partner, Altimeter Group @ LeWeb 11 Les Docks-7588 Le Web 2011 day 2 Jeremiah Owyang Le Web 2011 day 2 Jeremiah Owyang
Keynote: LeWeb, Paris, 2011
Keynote Panel Perspective
Keynote: Interactive Marketing conference in Manila, 2010

Public Speaking Calendar
Below is a running list of my public speaking engagements, this doesn’t include some private or corporate events.