Silicon Valley Sightings: Valeriewag on SF Gate

Valerie sits next to me, her Crazy uncle reports in. Stay tuned. (Update: I just added this picture of Valerie, she brought us back Good Luck pigs back from her recent Austria trip) (Update 2: Jennifer Jones just brought in the print version, see flickr pic) Valeriewag, was spotted in SFGate, check out the article: The true E-Hollywood story behind Valeriewag. (Silicon Valley Sightings is an ongoing PhotoBlog that captures the intersection of Tech Culture in the San Francisco Silicon Valley Bay Area, check out the archives. All photos by Jeremiah Owyang)

PhotoBlog of SXSW Interactive Day 2

Today was more about work than play. With the PodTech Vloggies booth in full steam, I spent some time there, and also started to interview more people for my Web Strategy Video Show. More news on that to come. I realize the posts are long in length, but I can tell the story best using pictures, I chrono them from the start of the day ’till the end. View all my photos tagged “SXSW” on flickr. About my photo “strategy” Someone called me a photo snapper, yesterday, I think that’s an appropriate description, I use a small camera, know the settings somewhat well, and am able to maneuver quickly to get the right shots. One trick I learned, is to … Continue readingPhotoBlog of SXSW Interactive Day 2

Silicon Valley Sightings: Marc Canter

Above: Dining with Marc in Emeryville, at PF Chang’s I was lucky to have dinner with Marc Canter a few weeks back, he’s one of the Internet Uncles, a real inventor and thought and practice leader. Wikipedia has a great profile on him, so I’ll try to tell you some interesting things that I learned having dinner with him for a few hours: Marc has introduced some very influential people together that have created new technologies, he was a founder of Macromedia which is now part of Adobe (I used to use Dreamweaver and before that HomeSite when I was into UI design). He’s doing some amazing things in Europe around networking, and will be spending quite a bit of … Continue readingSilicon Valley Sightings: Marc Canter

Blog Reception at the Atomic Testing Museum

We had a great time at the Blog Business Summit’s party at the Atomic Testing Museum here at Las Vegas. In full bling bling style we were able to get two limos and head over in style. It was great to finally meet Teresa, who we’ve exchanged blogs links, emails for quite a long period of time. (kinda like pen pals right?) Limo Kabloom Maryam, Val, Teresa OQO Steve Brobeck I’m on his Hate List Atomic protector “you!” grrrr. Gabe, Kris, Valeriewag

PhotoBlog: BlogHaus Party Photos

I’m typing from the registration desk, I’m multitasking between welcoming and registering guests with Maryam, taking pictures, and live blogging all at once. The party is going in full swing now, folks are coming over after the Bill Gates Keynote, see what Maryam thinks. There’s quite a few people here, including some internet giants such as Dave Winer, Buzz, Steve Gillmor and of course Robert Scoble. Dave Winer has some videos of Valleriewag, Doc Searls imitating Valeriewag, and he’s arrived at BlogHaus. I promised I would take a lot of pictures…there’s a lot of folks writing text, so I’ll use pictures to tell my story. A cool guy with a Seway came, I got to ride. But Robert threatened me … Continue readingPhotoBlog: BlogHaus Party Photos

Photoblog: CES Day 1 (Sunday and Live blogging from BlogHaus)

Landed here at Vegas, there are CES related displays in the airport, such as this mound of photos. I was annoyed by this cheap advertising. I’ll be headed down to get our CES passes with Michael Johnson of Podtech. Scoble is alluding to something big… I know what it is, but you’ll have to wait to see. (update: ok sorry for being so exclusive, but here’s the big news) I’ll be at the BlogHaus later tonight, really looking forward to meeting and greeting all the bloggers that are coming. BlogHaus Shirt Getting ready 2:30pm Just landed at the bloghaus, John Furrier, Scoble, Maryam, Linda, Valeriewag, Chris Coulter and others are getting things setup. Doors open soon, so fun. Got my … Continue readingPhotoblog: CES Day 1 (Sunday and Live blogging from BlogHaus)

What you need to know for CES

I’m a CES virgin, this is my first time going. In fact my next few days will be focused on sharing this story for those that have not been or for those that give a hoot. Some day this will be evolutionary, not revolutionary, fine with me. Most of the time, I’ll be at the CES show, checking out the electronics. Several companies have already asked me to swing by their booth and check out their stuff. I’m going to see some friends at the Hitachi booth for sure. At nights, you’ll find me at the Podtech Bloghaus, an event we’re putting on. I’m watching all the RSVPs coming in, and wow, it’s a lot of people. Dave Winer talks … Continue readingWhat you need to know for CES

PodTech expands into new office!

John Furrier (CEO) just announced we’ve moved to a new office! Below are some shots of our old and new office. Podtech is growing pretty fast. Old Page Mill Incubator Office Above: That’s Valerie (ValerieWag) chatting with the engineers to get their stuff done faster. I think there’s like 7 or more guys in one small room. I’ve worked with software engineers before, and I gotta tell you these guys have excellent hygiene. Old Page Mill Incubator Office Above: The Audio and Video Production team in the old incubator office, Jason Lopez (check out his news podcasts) featured in foreground. New Page Mill office Above: Here’s a view from my desk, it’s pretty bare, because when I took this picture … Continue readingPodTech expands into new office!