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A Night at the TwitterBowl: Successful but Unwieldy


Update: The project wasn’t as unwieldy as first thought, super analyst Josh Bernoff did the heavy lifting and has analyzed the results. Well that was an amazing game, I’m sure my many colleagues at Forrester (Cambridge, near Boston) are throwing fits, but you’ve got to hand it to all the players that was seriously a […]

Pregame Buzz for the TwitterBowl


A few folks are starting to spread the news and are interseted in being a couch-based superbowl ad critic. If you’ve not heard the news, we’re going to use twitter to rate the ads, the instructions are here. Bored at the game and want to be a participant, and not just an observer? This is […]

Hey Armchair Critics, Rate the SuperBowl ads this Sunday using Twitter “TwitterBowl”


I’ve created MicroMedia events before, this time, I want to frame it as an overlay to the multi million dollar advertising event, the Superbowl. [TwitterBowl is a real-time social experiment where the audience rates million dollar advertisements in real time using Twitter] Are you a superbowl ad critic? Of course you are, everyone is. Even […]

Rate the Superbowl Ads: How To Participate


Last year, I kicked off a twitter game that let folks rate superbowl ads, and we collected the results from the tweets and found that the popular favorites on twitter weren’t too different than what media analysts were predicting. We found that many enjoyed making the game interactive, by watching and critiquing the ads (more […]

Twitter Presidential Debates: Sept 26


UPDATE: McCain has committed to join. Why: Why let the media pundits and political analysts have all the fun? You can now be an armchair critic, all you need is a twitter account, a TV, and internet access. [On the first Presidential Debate on Sept 26, 2008, YOU get to be the armchair political analyst […]

TV is Participatory: Live Tweeting the Academy Awards


With the success of the Twitterbowl experiment (read the premise or view results) a few weeks ago, the Twitter community is self-organizing to make TV a participatory sport. How? Those on Twitter can comment, discuss, praise or criticize the stars, their outfits, and their self-important speeches. It’s pretty easy to do, on twitter you can […]