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Mobile Phones in Japan Part 2


Got a chance to play with our new friend Brian’s phone, he can do live video conferencing with the phones, (this means two people can carry on a video and audio conversations even on remote areas of the country) the screens easily flip around for easy viewing.  It’s got a 3.2 megapixel camera onboard, MP3 player, and internet […]

Mobile Phones in Japan


Japan is frequently several years ahead of the states when it comes to mobile infrastructure and devices. I’ve taken some pictures of a few phones at a mobile phone store in Okayama last night. My cousin (he lives here) has friends with phones that have 5 megapixel onboard cameras, my puny brand new mobile phone from […]

Cultural and Social Media Observations From Japan


I’m in Dallas Texas right now, perhaps the most opposite place thank Toyko where I’ve been the last week, and have been avidly sharing my observations via Twitter, the following are some of these observations, as well as a bit more context beyond 140 characters. These observations are more of a personal and cultural note, […]

Field Report: How Culture Impacts Japan’s Adoption of Social Technologies in Business and Life


Above Image: Social Technographics of Japan’s Online Consumers, this data (and more) is accessible from the Groundswell Profile tool. First of all, this isn’t formal research, it’s just a one week observation from an outsider who spoke to a variety of companies and experts at a blogger dinner. For ongoing commentary and dedicated research from […]

Ditching the Digital Camera for the Mobile Phone (Onboard camera)


Shifting to Onboard Camera on N95 Just about every year, I drop, lose, break, my camera. This time, I dropped my Canon IS700 in the streets of San Diego, and now it only takes blurry pics. No worries, I squeezed 10,000 (estimated) thousand photos out of that $300 camera, adding to my flickr account of […]

Video: Marketing in Japan? Think Mobile (4 minutes with Gen Kanai)


Click To Play Gen Kanai, Mozilla’s (makers of the Firefox Browser) marketing manager in Japan shares with me how mobile has impacted the culture of Japanese. From communications, payment, media consumption, and internet usage, Japan’s mobile culture is unique. Gen also blogs at the Mozilla Asia blog, where you can see how they specifically serve […]