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Welcome Gartner Analyst Blogs


As of yesterday, Gartner analysts are now able to blog about topics related to their industry, judging by their posts, this looks like an internal battle they were finally able to win, fantastic news. In light of their upcoming Web Innovation Summit (see the official blog), there is a great deal of focus on social […]

Understanding Gartner’s “Generation Virtual”


Above Image: Gartner’s Generation V Quadrant, found via Marketing Charts. Gartner: Generation Virtual not defined by demographics Gartner has recently published research on the topic of “Generation Virtual” (Generation V) which essentially define as two things: 1) This generation isn’t specified by demographics (age) but instead by technology usage. 2) There are four major behaviors […]

Kaleido Insights’ Impact Analysis on Aerial Drones


By Jeremiah Owyang, Jaimy Szymanski, Jessica Groopman, and Rebecca Lieb of Kaleido Insights. Drone swarm. Image from the Internet of Things Institute. Drones aren’t just for sci-fi stories anymore. They have practical applications for the military, enterprise businesses, and consumers, and are gaining ever more traction with all segments. But this shift has much broader implications. Kaleido […]

Collaborative Economy Market Contraction Signals Maturity


Above Image: a butterfly emerges after contracting in a cocoon. You’ve probably read the article from Salon, with its sarcastic title and detailing of several failed on-demand, Collaborative Economy startups. A few people asked for my thoughts First, our data shows that the Collaborative Economy movement is here to stay,. We see people increasingly adopting sharing […]

Altimeter Report: Social Commerce, How Brands Are Generating Revenue in Social Media, by @lcecere


I’m frequently asked “What’s the top challenge the corporate social strategist is struggling” and over and over, ROI comes up very high. To tackle this challenge head on, Altimeter has conducted a research project to find out how companies are connecting social technologies to the overall buying process as well as analyzing how they increase […]

First Take Analysis: Jive Fills Warchest, Ready to Battle Enterprise Software Giants, IPO


By Industry Analysts, R “Ray” Wang @rwang0 (Enterprise Strategy) and Jeremiah Owyang, @jowyang (Customer Strategy) both founding partners at Altimeter Group Community Platforms Evolve to Social Business Category Having tracked the social business category for some years now, and have been watching the category grow, and expand into other niches.  At first, the community platform […]