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Why I feel that Dreamhost is patronizing me.


Every company makes mistakes, and I’m actually quite forgiving about it, what they do next is what will make or break me as a customer, and I have the habit of telling a few thousand people. I’ve been a customer of Dreamhost since I’ve had this domain and have had quite a few outages, and […]

Dreamhost Talks to Andy and the Blogosphere Reacts


Big thanks to Dreamhost for restoring Andy’s websites, he’s coming out of hell. You can read his horrible experience on this blog that he created in Blogger called NightmareHost. Andy has gotten some human responses, so hopefully this will all be resolved. Several folks blogged about it, such as myself, Julio, and Brian. I had […]

Dreamhost, kindly respond to Andy!


I’ve been hearing from friend Andy about his nightmares with Dreamhost (in fact I’m a customer too, partly due to his recommendations). He manages multiple websites and they’ve been shut down today. Andy doesn’t believe he’s at fault, and is asking for a dialogue with Dreamhost, and now they’ve clammed up. Having worked closely with […]

Dreamhost let’s customers peer into their Nightmare –I’m one of them


A few weeks ago, I had some problems with this site going down, as my host Dreamhost has been having some issues. I’ve even reccomended Dreamhost to Clint Ivy, who I believe is using it as well. The Dreamhost blog explains all in a very lengthy post —read for yourself. “As I’m sure most of […]

Switching to Media Temple as my host


After being with Dreamhost since I launched this blog, I realized it was time to move on after my site would be down at least once a week, nor could it handle a large influx of Twitter users at a single time. To Dreamhosts credit they were very responsive to my support tickets, but I […]

Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: March 27, 2008


I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly digest on the Social Networking space, which I cover as an analyst. I’ve created a new category called Digest (view archives). Start with the Web Strategy Summary, then quickly scan the succinct and categorized headlines, read text for my analysis, and click link to dive in […]