Build your own “IdeaStorm” with UserVoice

Embrace your Customers At Forrester, we use the term Embracing as a social strategy where customers and employees work together using social tools to build next-generation products. Quite a change for the strong headed product manager, who now has to set the roadmap, while in collaboration with customers. Popular Examples: Dell and Starbucks We’re all familiar with the popular Dell “Idea Storm” website that let customers vote for which features and products they wanted to be bore to the marketplace. In Dell’s case, the linux community asked for a UBUNTU box, which was created and launched and sold. I wish I was a fly on the wall when Dell’s strategic partners at Microsoft found out about this. Recently, Starbucks has … Continue readingBuild your own “IdeaStorm” with UserVoice

Email Consumes Us

We live in a hyper-connected world, yet part of the blowback is the excessive communication that occurs –I fear it will only get worse over time. Today, I spoke to an Executive at medium sized corporation who confessed that she cannot keep up with her email inflow. She receives about 500 emails a day, and told me at the end of the day she sorts by sender. First from her CEO, then by the folks on her team directly reporting to her, and then whatever else she can get to. Despite the many collaboration tools available to all of us, we use email for way too many tools (I’m guilty too) from: Status updates, document management, calendaring, collaboration, social networking, … Continue readingEmail Consumes Us

Stop Fondling the Hammer, and Focus on the House

For 2 minutes, forget about these tools: Seesmic, Facebook, Ustream, Justin TV, Blogs, Forums, RSS, Utterz, and all the rest of the tools I listed out. I’m seeing a lot of web strategists over focused on the tools. Secondly, I’ve even seen a few social media books written that focus in on the tools. While there’s a need for this type of focus, it should be at the end of your strategy, not the start. In too many cases we focus on the next shiny objective, from this video player, to the new light mac book, to the newsfeed changes, or to the latest gizmadget. Only a few professionals out there can do this, like heat seeker Robert Scoble, and … Continue readingStop Fondling the Hammer, and Focus on the House

Some Conversations have shifted to Twitter

Twitter is one of the top referrers of traffic to my blog, over 2000 referrers from twitter to my blog in the last 30 days…there’s something happening there. I’ve also noticed and increase of new users over the past 30 days, feel free to add me as a friend, I will add you back. (Update: I’m no longer adding anyone back, as it’s not time efficient for me to do this) Twitter is becoming a major communication tool for me lately. There are more intimate conversations being held on this next-generation chat room, and it’s filled with early adopters and those who are trying to reach them. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, my colleague Peter Kim recently did research … Continue readingSome Conversations have shifted to Twitter

Missing an Opportunity

Recently at our home, we purchased a new laptop, which came with Vista on it. Sadly, it didn’t come with Microsoft Office on it, and I was not able to open any word docs, excel, or powerpoints. I asked the store how much it would cost to add office, and they suggested in was $175. This seemed like a lot of money for a software system that I’m used to seeing as a base line image on most computers. As a result (and being web savvy, of sorts) I started to use Google Docs, an online, ‘free’ version of office. Google offers an online spreadsheet tool, as well as an online document word processing tool, all with collaborative features that … Continue readingMissing an Opportunity

Video: Developing in Flex vs Ajax with Randy Fong (2:20)

Click To Play A few weeks ago, I met some SF folks at Lunch 2.0 in SF (see pics of this rooftop party. Randy Fong is a Flex champion and evangelist and gives us his reasons why he prefers to develop there. He tells us about the differences between Flex, Ajax, and Silverlight, and answers which one he thinks will have a faster development time. I probed him about measurement, which has been a point of contention for many web strategists, he gives his response. There’s a lot of web strategists reading this blog, tell me about which technology you’re using for rich user experiences and why.