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Web Strategy Show: Joseph Loon on AOL’s online community


I had the opportunity to interview Joseph Loong of AOL’s Community Connection (which has blogs, forums, photo galleries, social network features) at Miami’s WeMedia conference at the University of Miami. He’s one of the community folks at AOL Blogs and helps the community become more efficient bloggers and communicators and shares with us the challenges to big media corporations like AOL and what the future holds.

Thanks Rocky for editing!

David Parmet on Social Media for Marketing


I got a chance to interview the insightful David Parmet, one of the PR bloggers in the social media space that ‘gets it’. David reviews the classic cases of business blogging for small businesses, such as Stormhoek and English Cut. If you’re not familiar with these case studies, they used social media for their marketing efforts as the primary way to communicate, rather than traditional marketing.

I asked David “What should companies look for when finding a social media consultant”? Tune in to find out his answers.

Web Strategy Show: Rafe Needleman of WebWare, on the Future of the Web


I had the pleasure of interviewing Rafe Needleman, the editor who runs WebWare (CNET), a fantastic and analytical blog focused on Cool Web Apps. I sat down with Rafe, and asked him about the future of the internet, where is it going. Hear what he had to say about desktop vs web, the changes in the industry and important trends he’s seeing.

It’s always a pleasure hearing Rafe, on stage, at his blog, or on this video interview.

Web Strategy Show: Need to Freshen your Stock Image Portfolio?


Imagery tied to a brand will still remain important to the corporate marketer, Is your irrelevant corporate website needing a refresh of it’s marketing images? Lucky Oliver uses pro-amateurs to fuel their image library, where they explain it’s about building a concept or image. Recently zooomr has entered the pay-for-image, but it’s suggested that Lucky Oliver has rights and prosumer quality unlike public sites.