Video: Why Google Wants to Move into Hardware (This Week in Google)

Why is Google launching so many hardware devices like Nexus tablets, the Q (Home media) laptops, desktops, phones, and even augmented reality glasses? They want to be ‘connective tissue’ across all digital experiences, harness the data, make it useful to you, then figure out how to monetize it, primarily with ads. To summarize, their mission is to organize the world’s information, and sell it back to us, and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you understand this contract up front. I had the pleasure of joining This Week in Google show with Leo Laporte (Wikipedia), Gina Trapani (Wikipedia), and Jeff Jarvis (Wikipedia) for the second time, and we discussed Google’s new strategy, what it means, and how web … Continue readingVideo: Why Google Wants to Move into Hardware (This Week in Google)

LeWeb Keynote 2012 Covering Altimeter Research Themes

Below is a 15 minute video which encapsulates Altimeter’s themes on the Dynamic Customer Journey and the Sentient World. I’m really proud to have taken an active role in the first ever LeWeb outside of Paris. This one, which was featured in downtown London across the street from Westminster Abbey was sold out. If you’ve not heard of LeWeb, this is a global Internet conference hosted by Loic and Geraldine Le Meur, a power couple that stem from Paris but are also living in Silicon Valley, this is one of my favorite conferences to connect with brands, technology innovators, investors and friends. Altimeter was able to play a minor role in suggesting the theme for the event “Faster Than Real … Continue readingLeWeb Keynote 2012 Covering Altimeter Research Themes

Video: Scaling your Social Business

A few days before the hectic 2012 SXSW storm (my analysis here), The Dachis Group hosted the Social Business Summit (catch one in your city) with some of the world’s top brands to discuss social business.   Kicking off the day, I shared Altimeter’s research on how advanced companies are scaling their programs –and avoiding programs that will slow them down.  A few key points we iterated: Being prepared in advanced with: the proper policies, teams, roles, and education programs. These are the foundation needed to build a Center of Excellence. Advanced corporations have enabled their business units to deploy social –once they’ve provided the right training, process, then technology (in that order) Savvy companies are developing a social support … Continue readingVideo: Scaling your Social Business

Video: Dissection of the Career Path of the Social Strategist Report

I just love this, I first saw some tweets, from Joshua Salmons a social strategists at USAA (along with Augie Ray), the report coverage starts at minute 14. This is valuable as we can hear directly from Josh his point of view and what others were saying at this Social Media Breakfast. What’s valuable is hearing from Joshua who actually have this role so I could understand their perspective on the two paths of the corporate strategist. You can read the whole report, to follow along with all of the talking points from Josh, and get the further details. I’ve embedded the key framework, which he references. Just a point on clarity, the “social media helpdesk” wasn’t clearly articulated, we’ve … Continue readingVideo: Dissection of the Career Path of the Social Strategist Report

Is SXSW Getting too Large? Video with Leo Laporte

This Week in Tech by Leo Leporte is one of the top shows featuring tech trends, new gadgets, and business and social trends. In addition to our host Leo Leporte, it featured Jeff Jarvis, Gina Trapani, and myself. The timing was great, I was invited as the only member of this group to give a recap of SXSW, which Leo proclaimed it’s “too much”. Gina and Jeff chimed in, and we discussed the location based apps, celebs, brands, and even how I stopped a fight with an LED flashlight (I often carry this 300+ lumen Fenix) in a dark alley (minute 25) until Leo started to distract me by wiping pie all over his face. Overall SXSW is getting really … Continue readingIs SXSW Getting too Large? Video with Leo Laporte

Video Interview: The Hierarchy of Social Business Maturity

Below, you can access a video of me presenting the highlights of my latest research on social business maturity. Above: Click image to access video. Thanks to Jonathan Gourlay of Search Content Management for interviewing me after my keynote at KMWorld in DC, discussing our latest research report, which you can download on Social Business Readiness. Here’s the slides from my keynote at KM World, which match the report, as well as the video above. In this video interview (embedded above) I discuss the highlights from our latest report, I also discuss the Corporate Social Strategist, the leader of the social program on the business side within corporations, read a report about their career as well. I’m looking forward to … Continue readingVideo Interview: The Hierarchy of Social Business Maturity