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Blogtronix to give Sharepoint a run for it’s money


Just a few weeks ago I called for the dismantle of CMS systems and to rebuild with social media features

If you’re looking at upgrading to the new Sharepoint for it’s social media features, or at Sharepoint itself you must check out Blogtronix.

Vassil the CEO and founder of Blogtronix stopped by Podtech (he’s been by a few times) to show me some of the latest stuff. I didn’t have as much time as I wanted, so it was really slam session in feature demonstrations. I learned a lot.

It appears to be a ‘community platform’ in a box, which features such as social networking elements, blogs, wikis, ratings, comments, RSS, document management tools, keywords, tagclouds, rss generated by keywords, and profile information. It appears to have hooks into directory systems such as Active Directory, and is all written in dot net. I look forward to seeing threaded forums added to the suite. Teresa from Blog Business Summit thinks the features are pretty cool too.

I’ve used Sharepoint, and have tried demos of the recently released blog and wiki features. Perhaps the primary difference between Sharepoint and Blogtronix is that Sharepoint was intended and grown to be a collaboration tool, and now social features are being added on top. Blogtronix is less of a collaboration tool, and more of a social media platform. In many business use cases, both could meet the same needs.
When deploying a public facing community marketing program that’s intended to reach to existing communities you may want to think about other tactics. For those that a thriving community that’s bursting at the seams to talk to each other, Blogtronix is a good fit. While you’re at it, also check out Community Server, which famed Microsoft community Channel 9 sits on top of.

If you work at Community Server or on the Sharepoint team, swing by I’d love to see your latest.

iPods will be Irrelevent, Apple must deliver iPhone


I’m having a hard time understanding why anyone would think that the iPhone is not going to be a reality.  iPods will be irrelevant by 2008 as cell phones offer convergence.  I witnessed this in Japan with my friends phone, convergence is coming.

It’s absolutely strategic that Apple MUST play with the mobile phone industry or provide their own phone. YouTube is showing this latest Diggnation where they’ve spilled the beans on the upcoming rumored phone.

Here’s some rumored specs of what the Phone is expected to look like.  I doubt I’ll renew my warranty on my iPod, something better is always coming.

Featured I’d like to see (add comments for wish list)

  • Wireless synching between laptop and iPhone
  • Download media via cell phone, (mobile client)
  • Share peer to peer media
  • iPhone is integrated with other Apple products

Don’t be surprised if Apple enters the digital camera market soon.

Dismantle Content Management Systems (CMS)! Rebuild them with Social Media Features


I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people want to use a wiki and a blog for their intranet. They want to bypass the corporate intranet silos and allow bottom-up and created content by the employees. It’s faster, cheaper, and less work for the Intranet management team…or is it? There can be a ton of challenges of letting anyone install and create a blog, wiki, forum, within an intranet. What about permissions, identity, scalability, duplicate content, versions, logins, security and any other challenge that emerges from a distributed content framework model.

As a former web manager, I know the challenges of content management systems, asking for the 2.0 features to emerge out of 1.0 CMS systems ain’t going to happen easily. I’ve experimented with Sharepoint Blog and Wiki features, but have yet to hear from anyone when that will fully roll out. Their webpage has SO much content, it’s difficult to navigate.

Interesting trend, many emerging software vendors are packaging up what works in today’s modern web, and is creating turn key suites for companies to deploy. The term “White Label” is being thrown around lately, as these platforms are plain, and ready for your to customize and brand yourself.

Video: Koral Content Management with Community
Scoble video interviews Tim from Koral, which is much like an Office Document management tool that overlays community tools, tagging, rating, versions, comments, RSS, and other collaborative tools. This could replace your antiquated CMS system.

Video: Blogtronix Social Software Suite

Blogtronix is an out of the box community suite that offers blogs, wikis, tags, rss that you could brand.

Community Server
Although I don’t see a video, most know to look at Community Server which powers Channel9, Xbox, and Dell one to one blogs. I’ve had a demo of this product, and thought it was worth exploring.

Watching Google
Recently, Google launched Gmail for small business and a college in San Jose, with the recent acquisition of Writely, Jotspot wiki (covered at Web SIG), blogger, and other collaboration tools, they may be able to provide social software suites that provides enterprise, collaboration, and social features.

What else?
Is there another turnkey suite out there that has features like the above companies? If so, leave a comment, I’ll add to the list.

Do you think we can get rid of the broken Enterprise Content Management systems (CMS) soon? I’ve managed four enterprise Intranets (or been on the primary teams) I’ve used four CMS systems in my career, and they have tremendous problems with scalability, flexibility and vendor lock in. It’s just a matter of time before enterprise CMS companies look to acquire companies like the above.

Integration: Apple and Nike and WWW


Nike iPod WWWNikePlus provides Integration of Nike, iPod, and WWW. There’s a community piece to this online as well, you can find other runners using their site (click on community tab). Pretty interesting, anyone out there try this? Edward from USAToday has a review:

“Nike + iPod records the time, distance, pace and calories burned in real time as you run (or, in my case, power walk). You can track those results on an iPod Nano and, after connecting the Nano to a computer, on the Nike+ website (”

The next piece could be GPS, you could even build mashable games to play, indicating where users are.

Update: Some people think this is a security risk, you could be watched! Conversations on Techmeme.

Cool Screens: Archos Portable Video and Apple Cinema Displays


New Colleague Christopher Coulter (Who I’m rethinking my stance on, he’s a pretty nice dude) was showing me his Archos Portable Digital Media Player. He uses this while filming on site, as well as enjoying entertainment media. It doesn’t have the best external sound but one could easily put on headphones or connect to any audio device.


That video interview below looks like the one with Hamid Shojaee of Axosoft. I’m pretty sure they’re sitting at is the Podtech office on illustrious Sand Hill road. We’re in an incubator, I’ve posted some pics here of the humble and growing podtech offices.


I went to the Apple Store to get my iPod replaced (which I have to figure out how to re-synch my content) and ran into this massive monitor, see the Apple Cinema Displays.

Jeremiah Video: Spotted Hardcore Gamers sleeping overnight for the Nintendo Wii


After the Laughing Squid party I drove by Best Buy in SF and saw a huge line of folks in tents and sleeping bags, bbqing, and playing football in the parking lot. These hardcore gamers were had been there for quite a long time, some for about 48 hours.
In my tiredness, I first thought this was for the PS3, but in reality it was from the Wii.

I love how my new friend Blake does his “bow thing”, it goes “bow-pang”!