Keynote Slides: The Collaborative Economy provides Opportunities for Corporations

What role do corporations play if customers don’t need them?  What if the people who used to be their customers get their goods and services from each other?  I’d love to answer that at your next event. That’s exactly the question that our research answers after analyzing 200 of the startups, and interviewing three dozen experts (you can read the full report, right here).  Customers are using social media tools, called “sharing websites,” to share products, services, and even money – bypassing the corporate world.  What’s the solution?  We found a counterintuitive opportunity for today’s innovative companies, that, we believe, they must use to enable their own business functions, business models, and products to be social and, therefore, able to … Continue readingKeynote Slides: The Collaborative Economy provides Opportunities for Corporations

Resources: Converged Media, Integrating your Paid, Owned, and Earned

Is Facebook paid, owned or earned? The answer is yes. Facebook is all. They integrate advertising units along with content created by brands on their Facebook pages, and allow for consumers to share their opinions right in the comments. Sometimes, ads look like social content, and it’s hard to distinguish the difference. At Altimeter, we see this convergence only increasing, and these Venn diagrams will continue to have overlapping circles of paid, owned, and earned. To meet this converging media types, Altimeter kicked off a research project with Rebecca Lieb (a fantastic speaker in her own right), Jessica Groopman (expert researcher), and yours truly. We found that companies must now integrate their marketing process, strategy, and tactics so each channel … Continue readingResources: Converged Media, Integrating your Paid, Owned, and Earned

Keynote Slides: Converging Your Paid+Owned+Earned Media #MUS13

What should 2000 marketers know about the future of digital marketing? Thanks to Marketo, I’ve been asked to share recent research from Altimeter Group on how Paid, Owned, and Earned is converging into one single form of media live at their customer event here in San Francisco. In this presentation, you’ll find the highlights from our recent report on Converged Media (Open Research, which you can download and share at will) and this slideshare includes a problem statement, definition, 6 real world examples, a workflow broken down into pieces, and closing remarks. Love to hear your comments, if your brand is already converging Paid, Owned, and Earned, so we can tell your story on your success. A thank you to … Continue readingKeynote Slides: Converging Your Paid+Owned+Earned Media #MUS13

Video: Scaling Your Social Business (Dreamforce Presentation)

I was pleased to be a featured speaker at Dreamforce, to share Altimeter’s research on Social Business. My topic? To focus on how companies need to scale social business. I referenced the following Open Research (meaning you can download them) reports: Social Business Readiness, Career path of the Corporate Social Strategist, and Managing Social Media Proliferation, see all my Open Research on this tab. Key Agenda Points: Social business does not scale, companies are at risk for “Social Sanitation” Advanced companies scale with at least six programs: 1) Get into a scalable formation now 2) Enable business units (safely) 3) Streamline workflow with tools 4) Scale with peer to peer communities 5) Grow an unpaid army of advocates 6) Integrate … Continue readingVideo: Scaling Your Social Business (Dreamforce Presentation)

LeWeb Keynote 2012 Covering Altimeter Research Themes

Below is a 15 minute video which encapsulates Altimeter’s themes on the Dynamic Customer Journey and the Sentient World. I’m really proud to have taken an active role in the first ever LeWeb outside of Paris. This one, which was featured in downtown London across the street from Westminster Abbey was sold out. If you’ve not heard of LeWeb, this is a global Internet conference hosted by Loic and Geraldine Le Meur, a power couple that stem from Paris but are also living in Silicon Valley, this is one of my favorite conferences to connect with brands, technology innovators, investors and friends. Altimeter was able to play a minor role in suggesting the theme for the event “Faster Than Real … Continue readingLeWeb Keynote 2012 Covering Altimeter Research Themes