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Video: Brian Keith tells you find out what you should know about Search Marketing


Brian Keith (of Portent) and I have been interacting online from blogs, emails, and phonecalls for quite sometime. I’m glad to finally meet him in San Francisco on a roofop terrace at the FamilyOven headquarters. He’s involve with Search Marketing, and I asked him some key questions. And yes, he was avoiding the sun, those Seattle need to get out more.

BTW the Portent website has baby pictures of them, and it reads “We were born for Internet Marketing” clever!

Find out what the web strategist should know about Search Marketing before getting started.

The Social Impacts of Facebook going public


Today Facebook announced that it will allow Google and other search engines to crawl it’s index pages. Previously, Facebook was a private network.

What’s the big impact to society?

For most folks (non-bloggers), when someone searches on their name (perhaps at the next job screening) their Facebook profile could come up higher than their business LinkedIn profile.

Brace yourself, personal and business lives are colliding.

2 Minute Interview: David Berkowitz on the Future of the Search Industry


How did David respond when I asked him “What the future of search? What’s the industry going to look like in 2 years?”

I had the rare pleasure of having my friend David Berkowitz, who writes the Marketers Studio and a column on MediaPost visit me from New York. David and I have become fast friends as we share our passion for the web, it’s technology, social media (which he calls emerging media…whatever that means) and celebrated at last Jan’s BlogHaus.

David’s one of the most respected voices in the Search Marketing space, he was in from NY to speak at Google. If you’re reading this in email or a feedreader, access the post to see the embedded video interview.

Computers vs Humans: Who will win the Search War?


Colleague Robert Scoble (who doesn’t want to be on Techmeme) suggests that human type systems (like the social graph) will be better at finding and delivering relevant information. It’s suggested that Google is already dead, but doesn’t realize it.

MacroSearch engines are too slow to adopt to MicroSearch engines that are looking at small groups of poeple, their network, and how the share information.

Watch his video and let me know what you think –I really believe he’s onto something again.

(Update: On a related vein, we should also be paying attention to the growing discussion about LifeStreams, a way of aggregating personal information. Done correctly, this could aid the social graph in finally organizing our personal and network data)

Costs and Benefits of Search Engine Optimization


I know some of the top SEO consultants in the United States, he confided that he makes up to $500 an hour for his service, and clients are paying for it. The return? A website that is easier to find in Google and other search engine results. Previously, there has been challenges to this emerging industry, and the SEO industry stood back up and declared legitmacy.

I realize the benefits of being found quickly and easily through keywords that you’re tied to, I watch my logs and am able to see which keywords are yielding new visitors.

Oh, and if your corporation is launching a new product, I highly recommend you buy the keywords associated with the product, or optimize your product and get it crawled quickly. Why? Because at my previous company, when our competitor launched a new product, we blogged about it, and was in the top search results –above the competitor.

Where should you put your dollars? Paid or organic? At this session, I learned the most effective campaigns use a combination of both.

Not sure what to pay? read this report on SEO Pricing & Costs – What Should You Charge / How Much Should You Pay?

Neil Patel or Pronet Advertising has been helping me optimize my site, he’s shown me how to look at incoming keyword traffic and how to match and optimize my site to achieve maximum results. If you’ve questions, his blog is a good place to start.

Web Strategy Reading: August 12, 2007


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