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TV Shows Only Available on the Internet


Jeff Pulver has a nice list of Internet TV shows, I expect this list to triple by the end of year.  The barriers to create online content are pretty low, and will continue to drop. The Consumers are becoming Producers.

“Somewhere between the world of professionally “produced” TV shows and personal video blogs lies the world of what can be best described as “TV Shows Only Available on the Internet.”

I’m keeping an eye on Internet TV, I’ve written a few other things (and taken video) of what the future could be.

Scrapblog Tells a Story using my Flickr Pictures –This one is about what REALLY happened at TechCrunch7


A few days ago, I had a wonderful conversation with Carlos Garcia, the CEO of the self-funded Scrapblog startup. I promised to give a trial run of his Visual Mashup, I just tried creating a Scrapblog, which is an online version of a scrapbook.

I quickly imported my flickr pictures, and then selected a theme. I grabbed some of my more famous photos –those from the most recent TechCrunch 7 party.

Scrapblog Demo of TechCrunch7
Find out what REALLY happened at TC7. You’ll see pics of Scoble (and his Camera), Pepper, Laughing Squid, the Guy, Winer, Canter, and Flockstar.

I had the same issues as Tara, the Scrapblog would not embed. The player is kinda slow –that needs to be improved (Hint: Flatten to image). I also want to see collaboration between multiple authors, perhaps use your ‘flickr contacts’. The editor is a tad slow, however the interface is pretty intuitive. So far, I’m really impressed by this mashup –there are other features I think that should be included, I sent the info to Carlos.

I’m not employed by Scrapblog (Although a few of my friends are helping them) –but I’m willing to try interesting or cool new products and blog about it.

Maybe, someday he’ll fly me out to Miami to meet the team –I’ve got some other ideas.

Using Pandora –A free virtual DJ that ‘learns’


I’ve been using Pandora for a while, and recently looked I have several channels now, the music is free, and it learns based upon my suggestions. I’ve not heard ANY advertisements –just pure music, and play list seems pretty deep.  Haven’t run into any repeating songs. The only challenge of course is since it’s an intelligent DJ, I can’t go back and easily play songs that I want to hear again.  Another challenge/opp is that I would love to have Pandora in my car, how can we make that happen?

Pandora will be the “DJ” at the Lunch 2.0 event on Sept 12th. come meet Tom the CTO.