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New York Times on Online Video


Keith Schneider of New York Times interviewed me over the past few weeks regarding my personal thoughts to the growing online video and social media space. His article, primarily focused on the Diet Coke + Mentos phenomenon “Eepybird” gives insight how a small passionate content creator could impact global brands and capture 2 minutes of the world’s attention.

“Where there are eyeballs, there’s money,” said Jeremiah Owyang, the director of corporate media strategy for a media network in Palo Alto, Calif., “Producers are putting interesting content on the Web that they’re getting paid for. It’s just the start.”

For some reason, hyperlinking to NYT is challenging, you can copy and paste the following URL at:

It doesn’t take more than a small reaction to be well timed for the viral explosion to take off using the web.

Book Review: Conversation Marketing


Recently, Brian Keith of Portent Interactive sent me a copy of his CEO’s book, book Conversation Marketing written by Ian Lurie. You can read the entire book for free online, or purchase a hard copy. It was a quick and easy read, one that I completed during my flight to Miami. At first, given the title, I was expecting this to be a book around business blogging.

I knew this book was a precursor to demonstrating thought leadership for Portent Interactive, but that’s a non issue as I quickly learned that this is really high level web strategy resource for marketers. It applies both to small and large companies, and I do believe it would be a book suitable for the community that interacts and reads my blog.

Some of the highlights for me are the focus on a variety of tools, realistic metaphors, quick explanation of the variety of tools. The overall metaphor is that the overall user experience of one’s website is in fact a conversation.

My only suggestions would be a more detailed follow-up book that would give the details, ‘how to’, and some additional focus on Social media tools. With that said, I realize this book is an opener to start a conversation with Portent Interactive account teams, which is a logical next step for any business serious about using the web. Here’s their very bold and transparent consulting services page.

I’ve never worked with them, and have no relationship with them, so I’d be curious if anyone out there has purchased their services and to hear some feedback

If you get the chance to grab this book for a quick read I recommended it, for me, I’m adding this to my Web Strategy library, thanks Brian Keith for sending me this copy.

What the 2007 Web Strategist Should Know (Resources from Internet Strategy Forum)


Internet Strategy Forum
As a resource for Web Strategists, Steve Gehlen (founder of the Internet Strategy Forum) has helped to organize and unite those that are responsible for corporate web directions. We’ve been maintaining contact over the past year, and I even had the opportunity to get lunch with Steve himself at Webvisions last summer.

If you don’t know, he’s on a mission to create a user group of Web Strategist, and has already lined up resources, meetings and educational events. He and those participating have done a tremendous job so far. Each year Steve and the ISF publishes a report that tracks our industry.

What is a Web Strategist?

In my words, a Web Strategist is responsible for the long term vision of a corporate website, they should balance the trilogy of Business Needs, User needs, and Technical limitations.
About the 2006 Corporate Internet Strategist Survey Results:
One excerpt from the press release indicates that

…the majority of Internet strategists have a professional background in either traditional marketing (31%) or traditional IT (29%).

The majority of companies still drive Internet strategy out of the marketing department (58%) while the data shows a reduced role for IT (4% drive Internet strategy, down from 7% in 2005).

However, 20% of companies have a stand-alone department that drives Internet strategy, an emerging trend.”

I’ve access to last year’s report, and also participated in the survey for this 2007 one. There’s also a detailed report for download, you’ll need to pay for it so it can get expensed. It answers questions like:

  • What are the top challenges for Corporate Web Strategists?
  • What is the common educational background?
  • What percentage of Web Strategists make over six figure salaries?
  • What is the typical budget your programs should have?
  • How large are your teams?

You can sample a 4-page research brief. This is free and can be made available to anyone for download (PDF).

Join your local ISF Chapter
If you’re interesting in getting more involved or want to contribute and assist other Web Strategists, you can join a local chapter, Austin, New York, and Portland are active, I was involved as a charter member of the Silicon Valley group.

Now that I’m at PodTech, which is a vendor to Corporate Web Strategists, I’m no longer affiliated with ISF, but am a friend to the organization, as such I was not paid to write this post, but consider it a resource to my audience. I’m no longer participating in ISF, but will emerge perhaps in another role. I wish you luck this year my friends.

Update Tuesday, Jan 2nd:

Clarifications from Steve:

Short on time or not near a chapter? Prospective members can join without being affiliated with a chapter since all events are available via webcast.

What no one ever tells you about Blogging and Podcasting (except Ted)


Ted was so kind to send me an autographed copy of his book What no one ever tells you about Blogging and Podcasting. Using the wisdom of crowds, he sought out the experts in the field to get their opinions in addition to applying his own insight and expertise.

This book contains interviews from experts the world over. I don’t financially benefit, although I still recommend you check out his official site.

I contributed to the book, and was pleased to share the bigger impacts of what will happen over time. What are the big trends! I didn’t want to focus on any specific tools or practices, as those could quickly be out of date.

Below are some excerpts from his desktop reference, to experience the book in all it’s glory, you’ll want to purchase your own copy from Amazon.

Blogging and Podcasting Book (Ted referenced me)
Ted’s Latest Book

A Cool Love Cat
A “Love Cat” is someone who connects others to build a better community.

Blogging and Podcasting Book (Ted referenced me)

Cited in Upcoming Book: What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting


Ted contacted me a few months ago requesting I contribute to his latest book project. Of course, I couldn’t resist and actually recommended several others to assist, I guess you could call me a ‘connector’.

I don’t remember, but I think I introduced the following contributors to Ted; Dennis McDonald, Robyn Tippins, Debbie Weil, Easton Ellsworth, Mike Sansone , Martin McKeay, Dan Sweet, Tracy Sheridan, Chris Salazar, and some guy named Shel Israel.

Apparently, I get to be the anchor and give the closing remarks in the book. Blogs and Podcasts, Where do We Go From Here? By Jeremiah Owyang.

You can order Ted’s book from Amazon. What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting: Real-Life Advice from 101 People Who Successfully Leverage the Power of the Blogosphere

And no, I’m not getting paid for this post, it’s simple a collective knowledge capture from many of today’s social media and marketing thought leaders.