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How experiences shape and mold


I’ve been gone from PodTech for nearly a month, and can really be objective in remembering the experience.

You never realize how much something matters to you until you move away from it. Sadly, John Furrier has moved away from PodTech yesterday, and steps onward. John, who I often refer to as a visionary, recently had dinner in Palo Alto, I told him I was thankful that he hired me, and I would have done it all over again.

Aside from the many friends I still have at PodTech, I learned some really important skills. I got an informal dose of media training as I learned from some of the great producers, editors, stars, and creators. I became more confident on camera, and as I learned from Rocky, who gave me lots of pointers, and showed me his vision for what shows could be like. Darold taught me how to be strategic in client relations, and Jennifer shared her wisdom when it comes to PR, and strategic marketing. Jason Lopez and his team are master story tellers, and Steve Gillmor’s meta views, and pushed me to another level of thinking. I observed Robert, a true trail blazer, as he quickly adopted and discarded tools, and his amazing ability to consume information on a daily basis. There were a lot of influential forces that shaped me, it was amazing.

While not everything went perfect, the training you get from doing is amazing. I agree with Shel, PodTech is one of the innovative companies, a pioneer in a new medium.

Wishing John Furrier and all the PodTech family the best as we all continue to trail blaze forward.

Video: The “Fanboys” of Facebook


I wasn’t able to attend Dave McClure’s Facebook conference, but am enjoying the different opinions from the A-List crowd, they never fail to entertain. Fellow panelists Robert Scoble, Rodney Rumford, and Dave McClure had to fight their way into the conversation. Thanks Tom for the video.

Be sure to watch the final minutes where you hear Dave rant about open vs closed, and finally Calacanis rip on some poor soul, be nice guys. By the way, does anybody know if Mark Zuckerberg showed up to the conference?

Web Strategy Show: Joseph Loon on AOL’s online community


I had the opportunity to interview Joseph Loong of AOL’s Community Connection (which has blogs, forums, photo galleries, social network features) at Miami’s WeMedia conference at the University of Miami. He’s one of the community folks at AOL Blogs and helps the community become more efficient bloggers and communicators and shares with us the challenges to big media corporations like AOL and what the future holds.

Thanks Rocky for editing!

Video: Understanding Facebook for Marketers


I’m so honored and pleased to have met Jennifer Jones, my former colleague at PodTech. We’ve become fast friends over the past year, I remember when we first met in person during my interview, we hit it off immediately! Jennifer draws from great experience crafting the first PR industry, and has worked with many of the greats, including CEOs of companies we all know in Silicon Valley. She’s well connected to the VC industry, and I continue to learn a lot from her insight and experience. Yes, she’s been a major influencer on me to understand and appreciate better the PR industry and strategic marketing.

If you want to hear our discussion about Facebook, you can check out this discussion. I’m glad to be on her show, Marketing Voices, where we discuss Facebook as a new tool for marketers. Rocky, our producer did an excellent job working with the environment (and kept it real with the falling leaves), thanks bud.

PodTech’s new Gaming Show: The Reboot by Rio Pesino


Damn Rio, you rock.

Rio sits on the other end of the floor from me, but his passion for gaming can be felt from all the way over to my side of the building. He’s launched his new show called “The Reboot” that’s about what’s happening in gaming. PodTech’s stepping up to building better content (we heard you, Andrew of Rocketboom) and here’s hopefully a very great looking show, that has useful information.

Which game do I want Rio to cover? Starcraft 2. I’ve been a big fan of real time strategy games (duh, it’s Strategy) but I don’t think my wife will let me buy it. At least if Rio covers the game, I’ll be able to experience it from a distance.

And yeah, we have a new studio at HQ, ask Robert for a tour.

Web Strategy Show: Intel’s Internet Strategist on Business Blogging


I’m pleased to have the opportunity to interview a real Web Strategist in the field, Intel’s Internet and Marketing Strategist in Portland at the ISF conference. It was pretty unique opportunity, I had colleague, friend, and famous blog/vlogger as my cameraman (you should know who that is). I’m able to ask Bryan Rhoades a number of questions, from concept, practice, to best practice on business blogging and what it means to a Fortune 1000 company.

Intel has deployed a few blogs, most uniquely the IT @ Intel blog, Intel Software Network, and community evangelist, Josh Bancroft, in the spirit of an organic blogger (it was just something he did).

Although Intel is my client, I wasn’t directly involved with their blogging strategy (we help with audio and video podcast), so they’ve really started to embrace social media as part of their culture. Why is social media important to Intel? We should look at it the other way around. The products that Intel creates power and fuel my laptop, 3G card, my modem, cell phone, camera, video camera and all the other digital media tools I use to build my online brand.

If you want to learn more about Bryan, I’ve done a text based interview with him a few months ago, check it out. If you want to see other Web Strategy Video shows (these are 10 minute video white papers) use the tag called “Web Strategy Show