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I Never Called Him Obnoxious, Stupid, Aggressive, or Arrogant


Loren of 1938 Media just joined PodTech. Yesterday, I was public about me not being a fan of this rudeness. I think we’re cool now, as he lies in bed thinking about me, heh.

Yesterday he announced to the world that he joined Podtech saying that he Never Called Him Fat, Lazy Or Stupid, referring to my friend Robert Scoble. (You’ll need to watch this video to understand my response below.

It’s important to me that PodTech and 1938 media get along, I want to be sure we start off on the right foot. Here’s me on video, I was on the phone talking to John, right after Loren did.

Loren, Yu, I can’t wait to meet you in person…welcome.

Loren Feldman of 1938 Media

Loren talking to our CEO John Furrier

Rest in Peace James Kim


Jason Lopez just came over and told Maryam and I the sad news.  I think it hurts folks in the community as he was one of us.  Someone last night told me he was using directions from an online map service that didn’t help the situation, dunno the details.  Sad.

CaseCamp to be held in Second Life


Don’t know what CaseCamp is?  Joseph Thornley reports:

“The concept is simple. A marketer has 15 minutes to present a case study with a maximum of eight slides. Then the audience spends fifteen minutes discussing the case, asking questions and offering comments.

CaseCamp is a Canadian event, you can learn more about their org here. I’ll be looking to Joe to provide his usual excellent summary from his blog.  If you’ve not subscribed to him, I recommend doing so.