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Trying out Twitter and on being a Second Generation adopter


I’m now on Twitter, will check it out for a while, profile page here. I don’t be doing any of the mobile updates or checking that content from my phone. I’m wondering how much is signal vs noise. I’m also wondering if this is a tool that Gen Y will use to communicate, or if they still prefer chat tools. Also, I’m wondering how this is anything new? The unremarkable Yahoo 360 had a status type bar, as well as most IM clients, is it just because it’s tied to mobile?

I’m a second generation adopter, I look for signs from the network before trying out new tools, there are certain people that I watch and listen for indicators before jumping in, a ‘network filter’ in some way.

For example, I tried out MyBlogLog a few weeks ago, I visit the reporting pages once in a while. Brian Oberkirch told me he finds the intelligence helpful to find out about his audience. I suspect that anyone who is so engaged into blogging to sign up for MyBlogLog (which assumes they are also a blogger) is also likely to interact with my blog at some point, either linking to me or leaving comments. While he’s right, one should pay close attention to their audience, I’m under the impression that my corporate audience is unlikely to sign up for MyBlogLog.

Mobile Identiy Workshop, an Unconference by Doc Searls


Picture 455

I’m live blogging right now. I’m sitting at Cnet with over 50 people discussing the future of Mobile technology, identity, security, contextual marketing, and the impacts of social networking at the first Mobile Identity Workshop hosted by Internet Uncle Doc Searls and Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

I sense a lot of annoyance with traditional telcos, there’s quite a bit of sharing, it’s really more of a think tank, that’s why I love unconferences. An unconference is sort of a workshop where the agenda is determined by the participants, and everyone gets a chance to talk and share. Yes, a bottom up conference.

Windley is taking notes
and comments on Doc’s stats at the opening of the day:

“Doc started off the day with a list of statistics, noting that there are 800 million cars in the world, 1.2 billion PCs, 1.3 billion Internet connection points, and nearly 3 billion mobile phones. Mobile phones are nearing ubiquity and are intensely personal, so identity is incredibly important.”

There were a few interesting points such as protecting one’s personal information while giving out preferences, sharing with others, deploying traditional media over mobile devices. In one session it was agreed upon that the password will be dead in a few years, and some other type of technology will be able to determine identity.

We also talked about the next generation of mobile users, Gen Y and somewhat X. The term “digital natives” was used to describe this generation. Mobile technology is more advanced in other cultures outside of North America.

Some folks suggest that one’s online persona will be an accurate reflection of their real life persona.

One of the more interesting sessions, we were throwing out ‘dream features’ for the ideal podcasting device, Dave Winer took notes. I suggested, easy to publish, on board real time mixer, ability to create audio ‘conversations’, and ability for multiple people to contribute to the podcast.

I had lunch with two cnet employees. What a cool company to host this event, they even provided lunch.

There were some other interesting conversations about the future of mobile technology, will be become so small that it’s pervasive. eTelepathy I like to call it.

Picture 423
Unconference: The attendees determine the agenda by placing the topics on the board, you can attend any of the tracks you want

Picture 428
Healthy conversations in every track

Picture 440
Deep thinking

Picture 411
Our gracious hosts, CNET

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Battle for Mobile Screens to be theme of 2007


Apple continues to put effort on it’s mobile devices, claiming focus on the ‘fouth screen’ following movies, tv, and internet. Their soon to be released mobile device is expected to have elements of mobile gaming, media player, and standard cell phone features. I’m expecting it to be part of the whole Apple experience, tying in with other Apple products. Some have concerns that Apple will build a proprietary system called a ‘walled garden’ while others expect it to have open hooks to other systems.

After my trip to Japan (and I saw quite a few mobile devices) I proclaimed that iPods soon to be irrelevant, and Apple must move to mobile phones or convergent systems quickly.

For Web Strategists (a few exist under different titles at every company) understanding how mobile will play for internal communications, partner communications, and public communications will be telling.

Today, at CES, I hope to learn more about IPTV, which I’m expecting an area to start focusing on this year.

Mobile Devices get Thinner


A new friend caught me drooling over his next gen smart phone comes embedded with Wi-Fi, letting it connect to other Mobile hotspots reports cnet. I guess this is a win for Starbucks. I hear after rebates the price for this T-Mobile Dash is a equivalent to buying 50 Grande Soy Mocha Frappa Macchiatos (a total value of $200).

T-Mobile Dash

Below: Don’t get too excited about this picture, it’s just an example of the size difference between a Treo 650 (bottom) and the T-Mobile Dash (top).

T-Mobile Dash Mounts Treo 650

Have you seen my mobile phone pics from Japan? Some have some fascinating stylish designs, while others have real time video conferencing.

iPods will be Irrelevent, Apple must deliver iPhone


I’m having a hard time understanding why anyone would think that the iPhone is not going to be a reality.  iPods will be irrelevant by 2008 as cell phones offer convergence.  I witnessed this in Japan with my friends phone, convergence is coming.

It’s absolutely strategic that Apple MUST play with the mobile phone industry or provide their own phone. YouTube is showing this latest Diggnation where they’ve spilled the beans on the upcoming rumored phone.

Here’s some rumored specs of what the Phone is expected to look like.  I doubt I’ll renew my warranty on my iPod, something better is always coming.

Featured I’d like to see (add comments for wish list)

  • Wireless synching between laptop and iPhone
  • Download media via cell phone, (mobile client)
  • Share peer to peer media
  • iPhone is integrated with other Apple products

Don’t be surprised if Apple enters the digital camera market soon.

Web Strategy: Fisher Price launches Niche MP3 Player and Digital Camera


Let’s get em hooked to Podcasts at an early age!

It’s interesting how Fisher Price has adopted a hardware and relevant web strategy to provide parents of users with additional content, and market accessories.

This $70 MP3 player is ‘kid tough’ and is advertised heavily this holiday season. Bios Magazine reports that:

“The Kid-Tough(TM) FP3 Player is the first digital media player that provides preschoolers with a durable and easy way to play their favorite downloadable songs and stories. Big buttons and visual icons on the LCD screen let preschoolers choose from their favorite songs & stories – all by themselves. The headphones are sized just right for little ones and play at a safe volume.

The player comes preloaded with preschool appropriate songs and stories, but Moms and Dads can also add more content by uploading any music they already own to the player, or by using the safe, user-friendly Fisher-Price(R) Song & Story Online Store to purchase songs and stories from top-selling children’s artists and authors. The Fisher-Price(R) Song & Story Online Store will be the first of its kind to specifically offer preschool appropriate content and suggestions for parents on a safe and easy-to-use website.”

You can learn more about this MP3 player (and Digital Camera) and the official Fisher Price’s Preschool Electronics website. There’s opportunities for cross marketing campaigns. As kids listen to MP3s, it can promote brands characters and additional lines of revenue (Clifford the dog seems to be highly promoted currently). It appears that this MP3 will allow parents to select other MP3s to upload, an ‘open’ model, smart.

I wonder if the kids would be interested in the Scoble show or Data Storage Best practices, wadda ya think?