Google Maps Experimentation: “I see Asian people”

I’m getting a real kick out of the widgets that have been released for Google Maps, one of them lets me find cheap gas prices, find real estate in my area (the most common mashup), show where I’ve been with (lack of city data), and best of all draw and label the maps. I made this map quickly, of all the places I know that Asian people live, I’m calling it “I see Asian People”. I’d love for this to become dynamic and show users faces, how cool would that be, there is so much opportunity here. Above: Drawing on a Google Map, I saved it as a public map called “I see asian people” The big question is, … Continue readingGoogle Maps Experimentation: “I see Asian people”

How to Reinvigorate the Movie Theatre Industry

Most of the time, it’s hard to understand what Loren talks about, and that’s a shame since he’s a colleague of mine. Maybe it’s just me, but I get confused when he’s off interviewing turtles and monkeys on web 2.0 in Barbados but today he really hit something genius. Why not show ‘long tail’ content in a ‘big head’ medium? I really think that Loren is onto something here. Maybe this could reinvigorate declining theater attendance.

Timeline of Big Three Acquisitions (Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft) Mashup

Pete Abilla (congrats who just adopted a baby boy) told me about his interesting Mashup that indicates all of the acquisitions going back to 2001 of the big three web companies.  Click and Drag the slider to the left to see the most current time.  Wow, it starts to get dense in the last year huh? I see measuremap on there, what have they done recently?  It’s been a while, I’m hoping they launch soon. Measurement of social media is very important to me.  In fact I’m helping Factiva with a roundtable workshop, so they can make a product that can measure social media.

Photosynth can create 3D models out of photos

Whoa, this is cool, apparently it creates 3D models from images uploaded.  Given that we’ve the ability to tag photos, location, and time, this could easily be a great way to create 3D worlds. Imagine what happens when this ties with Second life, flickr, image recognition like Riya, and Google maps. If you don’t want to download all the plugins and application, watch this video, there’s a few other videos on the page such as this demo of St Peter’s Basilica (I was there last fall). Or try photosynth for yourself, (You’ll need IE) I wish I could do this for my pictures of Nijo Castle I just took yesterday, it’s the old former capital of Japan, occupied by the … Continue readingPhotosynth can create 3D models out of photos

MySpace gets it’s own TV show called “Project MyWorld”

MySpace to launch Project MyWorld which will have three girls going around the world to meet other MySpacers. Lucky folks they meet will end up on the TV show and on their MySpace page/blog/pics/video. “This summer, three girlfriends – (that’s us, folks!) – are embarking on a journey around the world to meet the faces behind the MySpace pages. With the help of fellow MySpacers, Renee is looking for love, Shaina is looking for music, and Taryn is looking for adventure. Romantic dates, inspirational bands, tribal rituals…we’re ready for it all – and we need you guys to help us. You want to go on a date with Renee? Does your band want to hang with Shaina and perform on … Continue readingMySpace gets it’s own TV show called “Project MyWorld”